…nah not of girls with pink hair…=P

okayy…finally get round to writing up one of these ROFL. a bit less sick now; work yesterday was pretty freakin hard trying not to cough all over patients! HAHA. aight lets get to it…

so id like to say i am confident and fearless…but that would be a lie! haha hmmm i always have anxiety regarding a lot of things in my life; but here are a few i can think of:

1. octopi: okay i wont scream or anything if i see one. but ever since i was a kid iv had a real aversion to them, they make me sick! looking at them and their tentacles *shudders* …and eating baby octopi? ….*runs* even cartoon octopi….ewwww…..

2. dying old and alone: ROFL this is probably me being neurotic. and okay…maybe im kind of expectant? that this might happen…it just comes off as kind of…sad…in my head. HAHA.

3. darkness: hmm…put this one down because i have always lived in big dark houses, and i have a very active imagination. another reason why i cant see horror films! because id imagine things lurking in the darkness and have to switch lights on everywherrre. think bart simpson styles; “CANT SLEEP, CLOWN’LL EAT ME.”

4. talking to total strangers: huge issue roofl. unless i was under the influence of alcohol or something. hahaha.





…well, hopefully successful and awesome. doesnt everyone wish for that? hahaha. iv always dreamed of an exciting life…none of this boring working the same boring job year in year out 9-5, seeing the same people, doing the same thing and being complacent with life. id love a job that allows me to travel and see the world, meet new people, change my life and change the peoples’ around me…

..that would be SICK. now only how to figure out what i need to do to make the future shine bright….





i graduated high school as a n00b 16 yr old in 2004; and as a n00b optometrist from university in 2009. haha u do the math:)




and here is my 2nd footlocker competition picture, i really dont know about this one…but oh well. practise is practise! check it out online HERE.

pink'd up final smaller







– beckii xo


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