retro fit/too much ZINO

ever have a moment where you look at something you have in your closet, but dont try it on because you fear you wont fit into it like you used to?

..well i do. ROFL. and i definitely did with this dress, but to my surprise when i put it on i actually fit BETTER than i did 3-4 yrs back when i initially bought it. think my bottom half is slimmer from lack of exercise and subsequent muscle atrophy in my legs. ROOFL.

had to dress up to go silk roads last night for a friend’s holiday farewell drinks. yeah only a short holiday, but him and his friends just finished exams so i guess any excuse to party in style!:D

i feel like i shouldv been wearing red lipstick or sth with this, princess highway does very retro dresses. but its a favourite of mine nevertheless:)

princess hwy1princess hwy2


outfit details: Princess Highway patterned ruffle dress | black ribbed Miss Shop singlet | Raspini heeled points | gold retro Casio watch



so i was supposed to get some stuff done today; but when i came home last night the Illionaire guys The Quiett + Dok2 were having another ustream session, this time with Beenzino!:D:D …in suits! cuz they went for a concert photoshoot at 12am last night. even did a short live performance of Mr Independent 2, i got a little too excited….=P


also curious how good beenzino’s english is. it seems more proficient that dok2’s actually…and i heard somewhere he went to school in new zealand? does anyone know?

so this morning was spent looking up korean hiphop and too many beenzino photos and feature clips on youtube. dude has sick flow! check some of them out, i cant believe i didn’t discover jazzyfact + p’skool earlier!!:D






this one is definitely my favourite out of the ones iv found today. so dopee!!!!



alright…enough for now=P peace!



– beckii xo

One Response to “retro fit/too much ZINO”
  1. di says:

    nice dress hun!!! 🙂

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