definitely. 90s rnb and hiphop!! everytime i hear old school jams played in a club/bar i go CRAZY! music in recent years cant even compare – starting to get tired of house and dubstep and everything being autotuned and synthesised. where are they days of really awesome organic tunes? even established veteran singers; the stuff they put out today is nothing compared to their old joints – example, Usher [to a lesser extent] and Mariah Carey?

so…heres a few oldschool/older tunes that i feel nostalgic towards. rofl [im going to cheat and stick some early 2000s music in here…but its still closer to the 90s than now haha]!

okay…thats probably enough for now ROFL♥






wow this one is hard=/ il try to think…

1. n00b..face.
2. schlong
3. like a boss
4. calm yo tits [just sth i see on macros a lot..makes it so ridiculous]
5. derp

…a few tumblr references there.




also recieved my ASH Georgia military heels from shopbop! and…I LOVE THEM!!! they are incredibly comfortable for the height [you never go wrong with Ash heels hehe], and i FINALLY figured out what my correct shoe size in this brand is supposed to be. im usually a size 8/ euro 39 across the board, but Ash shoes tend to fit slightly larger than expected on me [my size 39 Patty boots + Trouble wedge sneakers…slightly loose] – so i got a size 38.5 in these and they fit great! pleased indeed:)

ash georgia

ash georgia2









– beckii xo


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