things that come with time will always be better

I caught up with a few long lost friends (of varying degrees) last Thursday over a Joshua Radin gig. I’m bad at putting music into genres, but his music is more towards the indie/chill/quiet/pensive side…with a few soft soft soft rock tracks in his latest album. If I remember correctly, I first heard his songs on Grey’s Anatomy and also, the first song he ever wrote was used in Scrubs! I THINK that was his break into the music industry.

He was incredibly personal with his audience and the whole place was just hanging on to every word he said cos he’s just such a great storyteller. Even he was impressed with the level of attention everyone paid him and even said that he’ll try to come back to Melbourne within the year!!! 🙂 It was a night of understated entertainment – nothing showy about it but you still left with chills.

I don’t know if green pants was a wise choice of outfit going to see long lost friends, but my sister wore pink pants so that made me more bold hehe.

outfit details: H&M boyfriend blazer, HOH sunburst necklace, one of the many $2.00 grey t-shirts i bought for my trip to India last year, Forever21 pleated woven pants in Jade, Zu “becker” clogs i got on sale!!!, Rubi bag, jetlagged eyebags.

due to me being vertically challenged and my new pants being unaltered, i took a pic of my shoes :p


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