im au naturale, baby.

so in a bid to be a bit healthier and possibly lose weight before my [hopefully] end of year overseas adventures [in which its difficult to be too strict with what you eat, roofl] …im going to try and do another food ban for a couple of months. those who know me know i used to do a few of these things back in high school days to try and test myself!

some worked; i did a chocolate ban for one year in year 10, binged on chocolate on the anniversary of that day and swore off chocolate ever since. i havent eaten any chocolate for nearly 9 years now. bar the cake my friends made me eat on my 21st>=[ and the rare chocolate sprinkles on coffee/hot chocolate over the years.


i also tried doing a year without lollies and 6 months without chips or biscuits, which has had somewhat staying power over the years…kind of….hehe.


ANYWAY, this time im going to try doing no processed/packaged food for 3 months…pretty much the artificial shizz i find in supermarkets.



which means none of this…
Picture 028

Picture 029

Picture 365

Picture 367

Picture 407

Picture 412

Picture 413


or this…





this one is sweet potato chips, if you were wondering:D


okay so i cheated with the photos a little, i dont eat half of the things shown anyway because its chocolate/chips/icecream/cookies, but i am more partial to the lil asian snacks you see in the 2nd half of the pictures…:D and yes these photos are a collection of some of the food photos iv taken from canada/los angeles/hong kong over the years…


…i kind of just wanted to show you how much REESE stuff my friends bought [and consumed] in canada. which they really did=P



anyway, il try starting this monday next week. hope i can do it! only 3 months…






– beckii xo

2 Responses to “im au naturale, baby.”
  1. go beckii!!!!!! omg so u used to like chocolate once upon a time?

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