ghic’d out again…or just plain GEEK?

did i pull off the ghic look? [if you’re not sure what im referring to, check the post HERE]…

my friend xtine is going to boston for a short exchange, and her farewell party was themed ‘american highschool stereotypes’…i really didnt have time to be super creative on this one so i stuck to the old trusty NERD look.

geek edit

outfit details: dENIZEN red checked flannel shirt | Sportsgirl black shorts | Dangerfield black bowtie | Dotti suspenders | Typo nerd glasses | French Connection thigh high black socks | Ash ‘Trouble’ wedge sneakers

and by complete coincidence, one of my good friends rocked up as a nerd…with the same domokun backpack. YIEAH!

domo backpacks

got ambushed by an angry quarterback…


then ran into a douche wearing too many polo shirts…



xtine and her lovely cheerleaders [tony the quarterback, why arent you angry here? haha]


have fun in boston xtine!!

– beckii xo.

One Response to “ghic’d out again…or just plain GEEK?”
  1. di says:

    love the domokun backpacks!!! super cute!!! 🙂 and of course you pulled it off! 🙂

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