just wanted to write a lil blog so people can read this well written, in depth article HERE by Stanford University magazine about Daniel Armand Lee, better known to the world as Tablo, an amazing rapper with the korean hiphop group Epik High.

for those who dont really know who Epik High is [be ashamed of yourself…roofl. just kidding], they were formed around 2003 with Tablo and Mithra Jin as the rappers, and DJ Tukutz on the decks, and worked themselves up from relative anonymity into becoming one of of the most well known hiphop groups in mainstream korean music; even doing a tour around america with keroone, MYK and far east movement back in 2009.
they also set up their own record label Map The Soul [EDIT: oh whoaa i just realised they shut down their website! T__T]  in 2009, in which they independently produced all their stuff [including their own merchandise…ROFL theres a clip somewhere on youtube with them complaining about having to box and pack tshirts and albums etc. themselves to be shipped i think]…Dok2 also released his first? solo EP through map the soul as an artist.

i cant sum up how great they are with such few words, but in short, they are AMAZING. Tablo is no doubt, a lyrical genius:D



ANYWAY, the beef with this situation is that the widely known knowledge is that Tablo is a Stanford university graduate – a smart one at that, having graduated in about 3.5 years with masters.

…but korean netizens decided to dig, and declared that he forged his Stanford degree/stole someone elses identity/more ridiculous BS.

because of the witchhunting and prosecution against him, he pretty much disappeared completely from the public eye a few years ago, suffered depression…and reading that Stanford article I didnt realise how bad it had become! death threats to his family, his friends interrogated, blah blah…disgusting!! The impact all this must have had on his family and wife and baby and self is…really sad.

I would really like to see him come back and shine on stage again. because he will always be an amazing artist; and he deserves POSITIVE attention! >=[

going to spam some epik high clips now for your enjoyment, and mine.


this was the first song i ever heard from epik high, and i thought it was amazing! love them for LIFE:D

one of my favourites^^ english subs to help yall.


I LOVE THIS ONE!!! definitely my own personal mantra…music, my love + destiny:)


another favourite…dope beat and i like how blunt tablo is about the american government [then run by george bush]


ANND another favourite. the depth and power of tablos flow…arrr


this mv was banned in korea. im sure you can see why=]


anotherrrr favourite. i love hiphop posse tracks, roofl:D


remix of their track ‘one’ with planet shiver…dope.


techno infused but i love it. tasha’s verse is sick!


HAHAHAHA i love this…i was laughing about it for DAYS when i got the album. BEST!! chinese man imitation ftw.


tablos hilarious freestyle skills.


another favourite, freestyle album of tablo and myk drunk. seriously dope!! 


tablo teaching tukutz english. ROOOOFL.


ANNd….epik high covering wondergirls ROOFL. so hilarious.


okay i could go on and on, but i cant list a billion more songs it would take too long. enjoy! and please read the stanford article:)



– beckii xo

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