finally took some pictures of the Hurley x Pendleton Navajo jacket i bought from PLNDR nd recieved a few days ago! absolutely love it…the cut is kind of bulky, but its fully fur lined and…awesome. super heavy though; so i might think twice about bringing it to korea end of year. the navajo print is also quite a bit more subdued/dimmer than what you see on images online; but its still pretty good [i did enhance it on photoshop in my images, so dont trust the pictures below=P]

this jacket came out like 2 years ago now though…its so irritating how awesome streetwear barely EVER reaches australia! because there is hardly a market for it here so retailers dont even bother. and its amusing how cheapo brands make it overseas, like mink pink! not hating on their stuff, they have some pretty nice designs BUT in australia…mink pink is the type of brand you’d see in discount/asian-esque clothing stores, not boutiques etc. and theyre doing really well, on nasty gal, shopbop, etc….crazy!

[kind of like how valley girl is an actual store in korea…which is hilarious]

navajo editnavajo edit2navajo edit3navajo edit4


outfit details: Hurley x Pendleton Navajo jacket | Zara oatmeal knit | Living Doll black dress | fleece lined black tights from korea | ASOS black flats | H+M black leather zipper bag [okay i had no idea this was real leather until i checked the tag ROFL]


love the detachable hood! dyed  my hair end of last week…. hasnt been this close to black since 3 yrs ago=/ i generally cant stand black hair on myself…but i might just try to get used to this to bide time before i go back to something brighter and redder and crazier with my own hairdresser…roofl.



anyway, last night went out for a reunion with the peeps from the alpha sessions i did earlier this year. we went to a korean place in glen waverley called Kimchi Hut – i had no idea this one even existed! funny how the majority of times iv been out lately have all been korean food. i swear i didnt plan it that way! hehe.

food was pretty good; wasnt like WOW but the 부대찌개/budae jjigae [how do i even explain what this is in english? RANDOM stew? roofl] and 순두부찌개/beancurd stew was prettty goood. 짜장면/jjajangmyeon was a little disappointing and bland. everything else was aight though!

kimchi hut


식혜! i think the waiter thought i said ‘시계’ in korean…which is ‘watch/clock’…fail pronunciation roofl -__-


pan friend dumplings! 만두….filled with rice noodles i think.

budae jjigae


budae jjigae2


side dishes/반찬



soon dubu jjigae

순두부찌개 nom nom. beancurd stew

pork bulgogi

pork bulgogi.




as usual i overate -___- but it was good to have a chat with peoples:)

in other news, Inez is going back to singapore to work! in a few weeks…so we shall be saying farewell to her from burn city=[…hopefully she’ll update here with her going ons in singapore though:)






-beckii xo

  1. di says:

    love the jacket and the bag!!! 🙂

  2. arlene says:

    hehe nice colours on the jacket beckii. you look cute 🙂

  3. Amy says:


    I found your site by searching for that Hurley x Pendleton jacket you’ve got there…do you know where I can (still) find it? I know I’m a bit late on this one, but I’m obsessed with it…any tips are much appreciated! I know the jacket is out of stock almost everywhere, but maybe you have some suggestions, being that you’re in Australia??

    Thanks either way!


    • whotolduthat says:

      hello amy!

      im really sorry, im not sure where you can find it now – i got it on which is one of those short-time-only sale sites [american] …so if they have other hurley sales in the future they MAY still have some stock [but in larger sizes]..or you could try ebay or amazon? else im not really sure=[ hope that helped!:)

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