soo, this afternoon went to brunch with my buddy poops [kay..not his real name] to catch up again and to transfer some epik high music back to me [ALL lost in the great harddrive FAIL of 2009…i miss my musicT__T]


after just missing my brothers auction in richmond [sorry!!T__T] we decided to try this place out on church st, pillar of salt [click HERE for the website] – cute little cafe on the corner of willis? st and church – to my surprise it was pretty small on the outside, but the place was pretty big once u stepped inside and realised how far in it went!




the cafe actually stretches a lot further back than this:)



anyway i brought my dSLR for hopes of high resolution happy snaps of food…then forgot that i didnt charge it = no battery. FAIL! so my poor quality blackberry camera photos will have to suffice=[

we both tried out their Bolivian coffees – me a skinny cappuchino, poops a sinny lattee…LOVED IT! im an avid coffee drinker and this one was really smooth + pleasant to taste, not bitter at all.


mmm so goooood.



after ordering there was a half an hour, 40 minute wait…then they and we both realised they had accidentally forgotten our order 0__o but the waiter who served us was really nice about it, shouted us another round of coffees!! and then our food was out.

definitely worth the wait! my runny poached egg + corn fritters was gooooood….but my brunch buddy’s chilli scrambled eggs were AMAZING. plus the mushrooms cooked in wine…sooo good! definitely would like to come back here and try all their other stuff. 4/5 stars for meeee^^


corn fritters with poached egg, tomato + avocado salad, smoked salmon.


red chilli scrambled eggs with sides of mushrooms, bacon and sausage.



also had dinner with my friends i used to do hiphop class with last night [they’re going to LA in a few weeks for hiphop classes! i was supposed to go with them but it didnt work out=[ they’re going to have so much funn!!] ; had dinner at POP on hardware lane, then off to passionflower for dessert. i had no idea passionflower existed until recently; specialising in icecream/desserts with ‘asian’ flavours like red bean, sticky rice, green tea, etc…it was really good! this is why im fat=[


complimentary tapas! the bright pink stuff is like..beetroot dip or sth. was pretty good.


my ratatouille…not bad!



lychee + green tea icecream, lychee + orange on the side.


some chocolate brownie thing my friends ordered, roofl!


banana and red bean inside the crepes; sticky rice + green tea icecream. coconut milk in the shotglass.


love charm tea! apple + aloe vera flavour, with complimetary homemade mochi:)



– beckii xo

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