rofl lame title, i apologise, been super busy with stuff popping up in the last month so havent had time to post anything, really….going to try and catch up a bit but all of us are busy with work and whatnot!


anyway, last night caught up with my old friend ken [taekwondo buddy^^] over dinner at Hu Tong Dumpling Bar down Market Lane in chinatown. excuse my n00bness once again, iv heard soo much about hu tong but i’ve never been there because i tend not to eat out all that often! 9.5 hrs of work and waiting for a few more hours for our reservation at 9pm, i think my stomach nearly ate itself….roofl.


anyway, it was heaps of fun catching up, and the food was really good! albeit a bit oily for my normal tastes…but yeah totally worth it. the chilli oil wontons and siu long bao were my favourites:)



RECOMMMENNDDEDD:D but incredibly busy, so must book!




siu long bao…mmmmm


szechuan spicy eggplant and scallop hotpot…goood but a bit oily.


the waiter said this was big enough for two to share…dude! it was tiny! soup itself wasnt bad though.


rofl looks a bit less impressive than the other pics….pork dumplings:)


winn! wonton in chilli oil…definitely not something i can have often but so tasty^^



more food posts coming up….rofl!



-beckii xo

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