okay, so i didnt really document much of my night out with di + some other friends last night very well…but since i took the photos already, whatever….haha.

di + i went out last night with 2 of her friends for a bit of chill time – the plan was originally joomak or gami, but because i was a n00b and didnt book early enough, we resorted to eating at Oriental Spoon, a korean restaurant opposite Melbourne Central on latrobe st. its been there for ages, but i havent been back since they refurbished a few yrs back…still pretty good!


pork? dumpling, kimchi and tofu stew…was reallly good!:)


김치전/kimchi pancake….yummm. this one was a bit hrm…sticky nd glutinous though, not the best iv tried.


알밥/fish roe bibimbap – very good this one:D


oriental spoon had a pretty cute jug thing for their 막걸리/raspberry makgolli rice wine…thats ice in the centre of that blue hole thing! bit more fizzy than im used to, i think i prefer the joomak version of this:)




also dropped by golden monkey for cocktails + then red love [small bar on swanston st near the intersection with latrobe, round the corner from hungry jacks]. i dont care much for red love because its a tiny BOX….but because the 90s rnb/hiphop that the DJ plays there is so consistently AWESOME, that heaps of people go there for after work drinks etc…and theres like nil space to move. id consider going back for the music though – majority of  clubs these days seem to focus on dance/dubstep etc, which doesnt fly as well with me=] so on basis of music alone, I RATE IT. else, be prepared to be squished.


one of the songs they played last night….WHO REMEMBERS THIS?:D love it!




took my foxys out for a test drive also! super confortable, although because the platform on them is so huge, i had to make sure i didnt bend my ankle sideways, lest i fell over HAHA. love them! and the litas are on the way…only other downside is, i towered over everyone! there needs to be more 6 foot guys HAHA.




outfit details: Forever 21 green beanie [darker than in the photos; but i PS-ed it] from singapore | random chunky navy knit jumper from hong kong | Cotton On grey basic singlet | denim shorts from couz in singapore | black tights from korea | Jeffrey Campbell ‘Foxys’ in black kidskin | retro gold Casio watch | engraved dogtag | fake Tiff&Co chain.



and finally fixed up my retarded haircolour with my hairdresser – the transition is still not awesome [i asked for her to try ombre previously…which didnt work] but its better than before=]






– beckii




3 Responses to “FOXY NIGHT OUT.”
  1. di says:

    yup! music was awesome!!! you identify songs really fast! lol 🙂

  2. Israel Byram says:

    How do I start a blog? I just got a new account on Yahoo but don’t see where to start writing.?

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