hrm was planning to do this for a while but never got round to it…i dont really use that much makeup, i tend to look more for skincare items – either way, i have craploads of both. i got a lot of makeup for my 21st birthday [which is over 2 yrs ago now 0__o] of which i decided to try to use up before they become completely dried out/OLD. not the best idea, but i dont want to waste what was a good thing…haha=]

so here are a few of the current skincare/makeup items i am using [and what i think of them]:

MAC powerpoint industry

MAC powerpoint eyeliner – this one is in a dark grey called ‘industry’, but on a daily basis i usually use a navy shade called ‘prussian blue’. iv used this eyeliner for a good 3-4 years now! definitely a favourite. goes on pretty smoothly and i think? because its a wax-based liner, it stays on very well generally; i do tend to get slight migration downwards on my lower lid through the day sometimes.


Lipice – generic brand from Watsons [from singapore; but watsons is everywhere in asia], again i LOVE this, been using for 4-5 years at least – i love the cooling effect and it is very moisturising – i have incredibly dry skin + lips, so its really good for that. and smells awesome! i have a green apple one right now also, which is so good! definitely stocking up on this next time i go back.

face shop seaweed mud mask

The Face Shop Home Aesthetic Pack in Seaweed – definitely recommend this one also; hrm i first tried it out about 2 years ago…your skin feels a lot smoother and cleaner after using it. i use it when my skin is breaking out a little or just in general feeling oily and ick [or when i remember…i dont make time to use face masks that often].

shu uemura cleansing oil

Shu Uemura balancing cleansing oil – bought this cult product last year to try it out; its not tooo bad. but i wouldn’t say wow. i dont  feel it makes all that much of a difference to my skin; and it doesnt remove my makeup THAT well…but saying that, it might be working, just i havent noticed any drastic change. i found the green tea sample of shu uemera’s oils lathered better + felt like it cleansed a lot better…i might try that one after i finish this bottle.

etude house happy tea time clenaser

Etude House Happy Tea Time cleansing foam in peach tea – smells good, lathers quite well, but a little harsh on my skin [although i have pretty sensitive skin]. dont feel like it cleansed all that well either, but it would probably be good for someone with normal type skin.

etude house baking powder cleanser

Etude House baking powder deep cleansing foam – supposed to be for removing BB cream; i use BB cream every day for work/going out so i decided to try this product – its pretty good! but again, slightly harsh on the skin, especially with the baking powder bits in it…probably better for someone with normal type skkin again, but does seem to cleanse/clean quite well.

YSL touche eclat

YSL Touche Eclat – another cult product, but i love this one! really good for highlighting + covering dark circles, of which i permanently have due to lack of sleep…very good for on the go. i lost the lid on this a few months ago when i accidentally flipped it off somewhere -___- but i would be buying this again!

stila shimmer cream

Stila all over shimmer cream – unfortunately i think this is discontinued; but iv had this for aggess…hrm 3+ years? ROFL and i still have barely gotten through it.  this is what happens when you dont wear makeup that often. i mainly use it as a cream blush; its pretty good for that and goes on smoothly. tried it on my lips before and it gave a nice colour, but too drying=/ good on the eyes too!

MAC gel liner

MAC Fluidline gel liner in black – absolutely LOVE THIS. im still not even halfway through this tub after a few yrs, but it still goes on REALLY smoothly and lasts for most of the night when im out. definitely recommend.

stila smudge pot

Stila smudge pot gel liner in grey – hrm….not too happy with this one. albeit i started using it recently after not opening it for 2 yrs [21st bday present-__-] …probably my fault its a little dried out and doesnt go on too smoothly..colour is okay, but i cant give a review properly unless i can see how it fares as a brand new product. i still prefer my MAC one, which is possibly older than this product.

smashbox bionic mascara

Smashbox bionic mascara – not bad; i didnt get a waterproof formula as i usually do, so this does smudge/run a little. the brush i feel is also a bit too big and clunky, but its not bad for now…[out of all the mascaras iv used, im a fan of Max Factor ones…dont clump, go on smoothly and make your lashes look awesome:D]

blemish cleanser nature republic

Nature Republic Blemish Lab AC cream cleanser – pretty happy with this one! lathers up really nicely and gives a good clean…i always tend to get products for acne prone skin; i feel this one has been pretty good to me so far:)

mikamsu ricewater makeup remover

The Face Shop MiGamSu brightening rice water lip/eye makeup remover – BESTTTTTT. iv used this for 3-4+ years now and it still is my favourite makeup remover – super gentle and i can remove ANY makeup with one swipe. unlike some other removers iv tried where i literally have to SCRUB to get off waterproof makeup/gel liner, etc -__- definitely recommend!!

sally hansen mascara

Sally Hansen Lift &Define mascara – CRAP. no other words haha. i only bought it maybe 2+ wks before i opened it and started using it? i took the brush out; tiny bristles and the formula was pretty much black goop. this didnt change when putting it on the actual eyelashes, so it clumped and overall was pretty crap. not happy at all with this one.

missha eyemakeup stick

missha eyemakeup stick2

Missha Eye makeup Speedy Remover Stick – really like this one! im not sure if you can get it at Missha in melbourne, cuz i picked this one up in korea. but happy with it! all you have to do is gently rub the stick over your eye makeup and it rubs away…good for cleaning up around your eyes during the day. gotta sya i havent used it too much cuz im too lazy usualy when im at work etc, but it came with cotton buds and a REFILL in the box i got it in..for like under $10AUD. recommend!!:)



hmmm so i know some of these products are exclusive to korea – unless some of the asian shops that stock korean skincare bring them in…i know iv seen some of these in chinatownm etc.


anyway, enjoy!



-beckii xo.

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    Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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