crazy jampacked day of…eating yesterday + chilling with friends….and some shopping.  but it was fun! haha.



caught up with my friend sarah for brunch at pillar of salt [again, see HERE for the first visit] – once again the coffee was amazing + the corn fritters and my red chilli scrambled eggs were on point:D this time instead of sitting at the front, sarah and i sat in the courtyard in the back section, and thanks to melbourne giving us nice weather [for once], it was all sunny and nice + chilll:)



the courtyard at the nice is it??:)


Bavarian cappuchino…mmmmmm:D


red chilli scrambled eggs:D


corn fritters, smoked salmon + salad:D



hahaha both of us taking photos of our food:D



chilled with lara at night – we went to catch the pop up sale of Fluxus/Wildfox/House of Harlow/Low Luv etc on little collins st [details HERE] and picked up a few rings and bracelets at a nice reduced price;) they give you a free HOH ring if you spend over $150! lara/me:  “do you want the ring?” “i dunno, do you?” “you spent more you can house it for now.” …sales lady: ” are you guys sisters? 0__o ” ….HAHA. probably wondering why we were agreeing to share ownership of a ring.

i got a gold multithread HOH bracelet + a Low Luv gold armour ring with a massive white stone; lara got a HOH triangle ring [which she was told later in the night could pass off as a knuckle duster if rotated the right way roofl], and a white leather studded cuff=]



from left to right: HOH white leather cuff, HOH triangle ring, HOH diamond shaped ring [this one came free], Low Luv armour ring, HOH multithread bracelet:) [i took this at izakaya den…they probably thought i was really weird]



dinner was at izakaya den, this awesome little japanese restaurant hidden away near the corner of little collins st and exhibition street. the food was AMAZING! they have a walk in policy, but since we went abnormally early for dinner, we got in straight away, and once we had finished; there was a HUGE line of people waiting for tables to eat:D




baller shop that sells comme de garcons etc…SOO pretty! and huge. waah.



thanks to the cleverly placed mirror at the back of the restaurant, it looks like the place stretches down for miiiilllless!


drinks menu, food menu and the refresher towels:)


we ordered spicy tuna tataki, umaki, ox tongue + a trout fillet….all pretty awesome but the tataki for me hands down was the best:) a little on the pricey side; but given the quality of the food + drinks + service, i would definitely go back here again!=]



spicy tuna tataki with garlic soy sauce – the orange version on the left was much tastier, the one on the right was a bit too mustardy…but still good:D




umaki – omlette with eel:D really good also!



ox tongue…cant remember what it was cooked with but tasted really good! lara was laughing at me because i couldnt break the meat with my teeth…TEETH FAIL


trout fillet; again cant remember the menu exactly, but the sauce on top was mustard…something. again good but this one, not wow. didnt taste much different from regularly cooked fish.


lara’s umeshu – plum wine with honey + brandy. SO GOOD.


my mocktail…sooo goood! cant remember the jap name but its made of ginger beer, crushed berries, and fresh lime + mint ^_^


eattting….and watching one of the waitresses make a siphon coffee in front of us…how cool does it look?!


siphon coffeeee:D



…and the eating didnt stop there ROFL, dessert at passionflower; again another asian dessert house in the city, near the corner of russell st and bourke st in the city. urggh could barely eat any more at this stage, but we shared a redbean pancake dish…mmmm. i have a serious weakness for pancakes and waffles, its soo bad!





360 degree view HAHA – green tea icecream + azuki beans on top of the pancake, 3 glutinous rice balls + azuki beans on the side:)



ended an eventful night chilling with some other friends at match bar; i love chill fridays♥



until next time!



– beckii xo.

  1. Shirley Chiu says:

    love your adventures and food pics!! all these look so yum! keep it up beckii 🙂

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