few weeks back i took these images of my partner in crime namesake, for a client image – again wasnt used so, HAVE A LOOK:D


bec pulled awesome faces! so much i was having a really hard time taking photos because i was laughing so much=P



becbuzz3 edit

becbuzz4 edit

becbuzz2 edit

becbuzz5 edit

had heaps of trouble with this one cuz i still suck at using the cloning tool on photoshop…and had to remove light flares directly over her face=/

becbuzz7 edit



and another one of lara. hot chicks boost blog views;) HAHA just kidding:D

[aww she requested it to be removed]


[p.s also, please dont jack my photos without asking/credit]



going to go laptop hunting today with my friend – frustrating! i need it because i might be working interstate for a few weeks next month; and i need something that wont die on me when i try to run photoshop and illustrator at the same time…everyone is pointing towards a macbook; but can i justify spending a few grand?! -___- not to mention i prefer windows over the apple OS….



what do YOU think is a good laptop to use [for design purposes] ..or overall is a good brand for laptops? leave me a comment!:D



gotta bounce!



– beckii xo


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