so this post is probably going to be boring for many, but il just stick these photos i took unboxing my new Sony VAIO S series laptop i got last week here for future reference [and for whoever might be interested, hahaha]…

this is probably one of the newest VAIOs out on the market here at the moment; i wanted something that would be powerful enough to run photoshop and illustrator if need be; say if i was working interstate or something.

everyone was like GET A MAC! but for similar specs it costs a good $500-600 more at least; plus im not really a fan of the apple OS; so pimped my vaio out with an upgrade to 8GB RAM, a 640GB harddrive and i7 intel processor to hopefully handle my computer use and abuse:D

weak point about sony VAIOs is definitely the battery life – its quite average; lasts under 3 hrs on the ‘SPEED’ mode, but probably gets around hmm…4+ hours? on the ‘STAMINA’ mode. so its not too bad if im not using it too much, PLUS! i got a free battery slice with my purchase, which boosts the battery life [supposedly] up to 6 hours more, but id say its probably more like 4-5 hours more tops.  still, not a bad addition=D

the keyboard is pretty comfy to type on; and using windows 7 compared to my slow ass windows XP on my desktop is definitely pretty WHOA…feel like a n00b, hahaha.

also accidentally spilt some milk on my keyboard a few days back 0__O so lets hope that doesnt affect it >_< i freaked out and tried to clean it off as best as i could, but we’ll see!

anyway, enjoy my dump of photos rofl:D


laptop, battery slice + massive sony bag:D


battery adaptor for the battery slice=]



battery slice.


sony included lil cardboard compartment things which u can actually re-fold into individual boxes to house your manuals etc…but i havent figured out that bit yet…haha





adaptor cords:)








mmm shiny…i asked if this model came in any other colours, and the sony guy was like “it comes in black, black, and black.” ROFL damn i wanted a white one.


speed/stamina switch seen at the top left side.


side view without battery slice.



backlit keyboard….pre-milk spill HAHA=[


if u see that lil black tab at the top of the screen…


if you hover over it there’s a little dropdown menu for media/documents/internet/webcam etc…cool!


i thought this was cool; or maybe im a n00b…if you hover the mouse over the bottom lefthand rectangle as you see in the picture, your windows become transparent so you can see the desktop…:)



yay! hahaha i havent put it under the full test using photoshop/illustrator yet; but im sure il find out. next tech upgrade: my wacom tablet! urgh so much money…






– beckii xo

6 Responses to “MMM…NEW LAPTOP.”
  1. Shirley Chiu says:

    what does the battery slice do?

  2. OH MAN I need me a battery slice.

  3. Harry potter says:

    How much is it?

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