…rofl what were you expecting? [unless you came directly from the home page…then that just ruined my lame joke]

decided to try out the China Glaze polishes i got on sale online with lara; i dont have that much time to paint my nails but procrastination got the better of me this morning.

the 3 polishes i bought was a nude shade called ‘Sunset Sail’, as well as the Strong Adhesion Base Coat and the Fast Freeze Quick Dry…all for a mere ~$20 including shipping:D YAY for online sales! [rofl im so bad]



im actually really loving nude nails at the moment; since the first time i got a taste of it when i went for manicures with lara – its a pretty clean look, and because i gotta go to work i dont need to worry about it being appropriate; as i usually prefer black nail polish or some bright crazy colour.



sunset sail is a really nice shimmery peach nude shade! really liking it…and although only time will tell if this adhesion base coat really works; the freeze dry liquid is pretty awesome. one drop on the middle of your nail after waiting an initial 60 seconds or so, and its dry!


excuse my rush job haha….


comes with a lil cute eyedropper, haha:D


…welll….kind of. i think it dries the top few polish layers but if you’re not careful, like me! you can still dent the polish…as iv just done because i did a rush job and i have stuff to do really soon today. but its also GREAT for people like me who hate waiting for polish to dry…i just dont have time for it! haha=]




last night the WTYT girls did a skype interview with joyce from JLTFK; haha will be interesting to see how that turns out! half the time because of a bad connection it was all, “WHAT? WHAT DID YOU SAY?” roofl.






-beckii xo


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