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boys and girls i would like you to say ‘hello’ to huh gak: Photobucket

the man who won SuperStar K (ie the korean version of American Idol) Season 2. he may not look like your typical idol kid but he’s got the voice to carry him far and beyond what most average singers can accomplish. He’s recently released his first mini album and his first single is titled ‘hello’ Photobucket most of you b2st fans have probably already heard the song because JunHyung the rapper for beast featured in the MV. so unless you were very horrible and just muted the song just so you could see your beloved rapper act on the MV then you would know how amazing this song is. the mv cast is junhyung from b2st, actor lee hyunjin (never seen him before) and kang sora – a new up and coming actress. Photobucket in all honesty I watched the mv only out of curiosity for junhyung’s acting because i think he did a pretty good job in b2st’s mv fact/fiction.  and well i was not disappointed – junhyung did a fantastic job in this mv as well.  he’s really natural at acting I have to say so major kudos and thumbs-up for a budding an idol rapper turn actor. Photobucket In fact all the actors did a great job – acting was really flawless.. kang sora does amazing cry scenes – i love it when actresses don’t try to cry prettily but just cry with complete abandon and emotion – that to me is more realistic. Photobucket male actor lee hyunjin was good as well but i don’t feel his role required anything majorly challenging but still a good job.. so really the mv was awesome, only problem i have at the moment is the story – up till now i still don’t really understand exactly what the whole story is with the MV but it was quite impressive and i do think that they’re planning on continuing the story with huh gak’s next single.. so it’s a bit frustrating considering i hate to be continued..’s but i’m sure i can live with it and wait in anticipation 🙂 Photobucket although hello is a really good song.. i only really got hooked on it yesterday – when i saw his LIVE performance of it.  completely utterly jaw-droppingly amazing.  I’ve always said that good/talented singers always sound better live as compared to the album. why am i so totally hooked on this song esp this performance in particular?  i for one cannot understand korean – well only bits and pieces if i really can but i can just hear the completely raw emotion when huh gak sings – now that’s singing at it’s best.  simply being able to feel the emotion from the melody, the singer’s emphasis on words and just a heart to heart connection.  that’s what talent’s all about. so here’s the link to the performance i’m talking about and i think you’ll be able to understand exactly what i’m ranting about.. no comprehension of lyrics but being able to completely feel that raw emotion belted out by a guy with a set of ridiculously amazing vocal chords.   enjoy 🙂


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