so! looks like aussie online shoe store STYLETREAD is giving away $2000 worth of shoes to one lucky person…woohooo! chances are slim as entries are high but…whatever i can try. details for entry are HERE.


honestly i have developed somewhat of a shoe addiction over the last few years – starting off with kicks [ i still love my kicks the most, to be honest], followed by heels…platform heels…and more:D

after all this, i think i now truely appreciate the value of a GOOD shoe compared to a CHEAP one…after all, you walk around in your shoes all day, comfort is a necessity unless you want to be carrying around roll-up flats when your feet cant handle the torture anymore [this doesnt just apply to heels…tight uncomfortable sneakers + sandals etc also are a pain -__-]


so iv been pretty excited when i recieve my shoe orders and…despite shape/heel height, are COMFORTABLE! been suffering in poorly made shoes for too long [shout outs to 20 buck flats from singapore! YEAH! haha…]

and although iv been wearing a lot of heels lately, due to me being pretty tall as an [asian] girl [around 168cm/5’6″ ish…making me nearly 6 feet tall in heels]…i cant say im super comfortable towering over my friends [bar the taller guys]…so iv been looking for ankle booties with a small heel to own….comfort over EVERYTHING else! hahaha…




styletread has a pretty wide range of shoes, which i like – iv found a few favourites which i think would be pretty awesome to own:

1. Gorman ankle boot in Sienna Tan; the basketweave leather is pretty interesting + its a good classic shape:D

gorman tan



2.  Soles ankle lace up boot in Oscar Smoke Leopard – im a closet animal print fan:D and patterned boots are good way to spice up a basic outfit [i live in basics + one off louder pieces]

soles oscar smoke leopard



3. Soles ankle boot in Boot This Orange Digital Aztec – OOOH omg i love navajo/aztec print. not sure if im a fan of the black elastic breaking up the pattern but it would be a cool pair of boots to own, nevertheless!:D

soles digital aztec



4. Django + Juliette boot in Napoleon Ocelot – more animal print, hehe. not sure if i like the tan heel though, might have liked it in black a bit better.

django + juliet napoleon ocelot



5. RMK ankle boot in Ciesta Tan – another more basic tan boot; also in Brown or Black but i think tan boots are more versatile for cooler and hotter weather, especially since i have pale skin [on second thoughts…brown could also work]

rmk ciesta tan



hmmm thats my top 5 boots at the moment; if i was able to win the truckload of shoes that would be dope! i like changing up my shoes when i can because different shoes make a certain outfit look different; and you can’t use the same pair for a billion different outfits when it doesnt really work [but at the same time, if you’re clever one pair of shoes can work in a lot of different ways;) so you dont need to buy a billion pairs!]

not to mention right now with the current economic state, the fact im not working full time, i dont think i can afford to keep buying shoes when i have other art/work/holiday related things to purchase and spend on, so to be blessed with new shoes without me forking out another arm haha…would be great!




enter to winnn!:D






-beckii xo

all images courtesy of]


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