okay…not really. im still not entire sure why your new purchases are called hauls but….okay whatever 0__o roofl!


burn city blessed us with some beautiful blue skied weather yesterday morning, so i decided to make use of some of it to take some nice happy snaps of my new purchases in the past 2 weeks with my dSLR [mmm…high resolution photos] – iv seriously gone a lil crazy with online shopping this week! i dont know why…damn you for being so tempting!! iv bought from like 4 websites this week…0__O



first off; i hit up a 48-hr ASOS sale last week and picked up a few dresses and accessories for the upcoming functions and weddings before the end of the year:


1.  ASOS Metallic Flat Lock Across Body Bag in Silver  [RRP $24.79, but picked up for $11.98]  >> love this one! however, the magnetic clasp doesnt close very well; so i have to really limit what i put inside the bag in order for it to actually close=/ otherwise, i love it!






2.  ASOS Drop Earrings with Chain + Tassel detail in Gold [$16.52, got for  $12.78]>> not bad; i expected these to be heavy [which they are T__T] and i mainly got them as a bit of strandout jewellry for formal functions, so i think the’d work quite well if i put my hair up. the stones at the top are very dull though.






3.  ASOS Faux Leather Leopard Purse Belt [$33.05, got for $15.98]>> love this! been itching for a funky fanny pak/bum bag [whatever you call it rofl] since i saw Jeffrey Campbell’s funky neon ones; the only fault i have with this is again the kind of crappy clasp, its VERY hard to open once you get closed. i also lost my brand new lipbalm out of it the other night cuz i didnt want to open and close to bag too much due to opening it being a pain in the ass. sigh. i still like it though!






4.  ASOS One Shoulder Dress with Chiffon Skirt in Cream/Black [$66.10, bought for $28.76 but looks like its going even cheaper now!] >> pretty dress! fits pretty well, although i have a feeling i need to lose a bit of weight before i wear this to a function=[





5. ASOS Wrap Dress with Frill Edge in Black  [$62.80, got for $31.95] >> pretty nice, fits ok [again need to lose some weight!! T_T] although it doesnt fit me so well in the chest area that it opens lower than it should; so might have to pin it/wear a top underneath=/






recently discovered this cute little UK jewellry brand Regal Rose after seeing the Naida Snake Wrap ring on Fashion Distraction‘s blog:) i love it! and international shipping is cheap, only a few pounds! anyway, so i bought [as you could guess]:





1. Naida Snake Wrap Ring >> love this! it came smaller than i expected, i was actually hoping for a massive ring, but its still pretty=] need to figure out how to make the jewel a bit shinier; seemed a bit duller when i opened the package.







2. Pectus Large Silver Cross Necklace >> been wanting a large cross for a while; again i was hoping this to be larger than it turned out to be! and thicker…but its still pretty nice and a good outfit addition=]



woodgrain detail on one side:)



3.  Fern Cage Ear Cuff >> super cool, its like a mini rib cage bent around your ear =P the metal is pretty solid so you cant bend it to open and clasp around your ear; i had a lot of trouble figuring out how to put it on! but literally have to push around a thinner part of your ear and slide it downwards…:D








finally, was coerced by dear lara to go to the sass + bide warehouse sale which last friday – having previously attended it a few months back, and coming out with some good purchases [including cheaaaap black rats] – i managed to again find some decent purchases for a…decent price rofl [sass+bide why u so expensiiiive]:


1.  Wild One leopard print silk pants [original RRP $350; bought for $30]>> “they look like pyjama pants” but i thought i could make it work possibly with stiletto heels + a fitted top; or flats + red lipstick:D plus, didnt i say i was a closet animal print fan?:D






2.  The Streets Ready To Wear beaded armour vest in midnight [original RRP $590; bought for $90] >>LOVED this, hand-beaded +  so iconically s+b haha…caved in even though i was debating over the price >_<






3.  Opposite Ends double ended suspenders  [RRP $150; bought for $10] >> saw these on sale online for a lot more than 10 bucks, so it was quite a bargain! i like suspenders already, double ended ones will just make it more interesting=D





i think sass + bide sizes run slightly large also; as im usually around a US 6 in bottoms but i fit US 4 better…hmmm…


thats all! i need to stop shopping >__<





– beckii xo


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