bubbletea diaries: Chapter 1 Artease

Dear Diary,

Today, i can say i officially live off bubble tea now with an average of 2~3 cups a week of varying sizes and brands i could almost be dubbed Bubbletea Connoisseur .

The bubble tea of this chapter is Artease. A fairly new and recently established brand which only has 3 branches in Singapore so far:

  • Tanjong Pagar
  • CineLeisure
  • Esplanade


I can’t say they’re my favourite brand but they do fairly good Oolong Milk Tea but nothing beats my favourite brand Koi.
However, my Uncle has been hooked onto their Icecream Milk Tea series especially the Oreo Cheesecake one which personally i find slightly strange because it’s got the oreo cheesecake flavour with a tea-ish after-taste but he enjoys it and so far everyone else who’s had seems to find it ok so maybe I’m the strange one.


One thing good about them is that they’re quite consistent with their blends so you wont get one very bad cup one night and an awesome one the next.
For those new to this entire concept of Bubble-tea especially those outside of Asia – Bubbletea in Singapore now comes with FRESH BLENDS of tea.. so instead of using powdered tea they actually use fresh oolong/red/green tea in their drinks and along with that comes a creative mixture of different drinks.. it’s almost like a day-time cocktail.


And they also allow you to choose your preferred sugar level.  I used to go for 50%  but I’ve now dropped to 20~30% but basically the 2nd least amount of sugar available because I think you get to taste the tea better that way rather than have it covered up by the sweetness.
A standard drink I tend to get across all brands is Oolong Milk Tea.. that’s normally my benchmark for how much I like/how good I find the brand of milk tea.
So anyway,  that’s all I have you today diary.


Until next time, drinks up for BUBBLE TEA!
Inez aka Bubbletea Freak

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