summer is coming!

…but then it was replaced by rain + cold wind soon after. i love melbourne’s bipolar weather…=P



outfit details:  Urban Outfitters ‘St Tropez’ tee | Cotton On grey singlet | Cheap Monday asymmetry grey jersey skirt | Zigi Girl gold chain sandals | House of Harlow multi-chain bracelet


i love urban outfitters tshirts….this one i picked up in Canada when i was there for my final year externship 2 years ago – starting to wear and get a lil holey now…but its awesome!:D

and as asymmetric as the skirt im wearing is supposed to be, its noticeable shorter in the back than in the front when i wear it…methinks this is a sign i need to lose some of that winter weight=/






tshirt design merge

one more thing – i set up a tshirt poll so its easier to gauge what to use for a possible new tshirt competition; so please be a dear and help me by voting and spreading the link!:)  —>






– beckii xo

One Response to “summer is coming!”
  1. Shirley says:

    I actually think you look very slim in that pic. I thought you had lost weight 😛

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