a few weeks back when char was visiting [ see our eating adventures HERE, HERE and HERE] – i took her to Mocha in Chadstone, this lil jewelry/accessories chain…pretty nice, it stocks house of harlow!


anyway, i spotted this lil silver polishing cloth and was a lil intrigued – silver polish is more or less embedded [is that the right word to use?? my engrish, it fails] within the material; id been looking for silver polish for a while for my incredibly tarnished Tiff&Co. necklaces…


anyway, to cut a long story short, this lil beauty cleaned my tiffanys till they gleamed! YEAH! then i got super excited…and started rummaging around the house to find whatever silver i could to polish…i believe diana did the same thing when she bought one….ROFL.







unfortunately by the time i took these photos i barely had any tarnished silver items left because i had cleaned them all in my excitement AHAHA – but found a bracelet to try and show the difference…photos dont do justice on this item, but believe me, cloth works a CHARM! [note: i later on found even better, smoother bracelets to clean up…but then i got excited again, polished them and forgot to take photos until i was finished -_____-…..bahahahaha.]

before after2





before after1




totallly recommend! totally going to buy another one [only cost $9.95!!] once this one gets black and gross from all the tarnish stains….ehehe.



– beckii xo


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