i wear the pants in this office

Ahhh the corporate world.

Unfortunately  I recently joined the working world, embarking on the first chapter of my professional career and VERY unfortunately this involves dressing like a working adult as well.

I personally REALLY detest office wear.  I think it is extremely boring and very uncomfortable and 3 months into my new job has not proved me otherwise.

I’m still slowly trying to find my feet in my work-wear wardrobe because for those who don’t know I’m generally a very casual person in fact i really dont enjoy dressing up very much.. find it extremely troublesome but i suppose every now and then isn’t too bad BUT dressing up 5 days a week in stiff uncomfortable clothing is just not my thing and whilst some offices in singapore are dressed considerably casual, I work at an Executive Search firm which means we have a lot of big shots walking in and out of our office which means  i have to be dressed in an extremely presentable fashion. -_-”

So basically I’m faced with 3 dilemmas:

1. be dressed comfortably for 10 hours of the day

2. be dressed presentably for the same 10 hours of the day.

3. still look my age and have my fashion sense inserted into the outfit

and so what does the tomboyish side of me say? – PANTS!

Yes wearing pants in the office are always the best – guarded from the cold and you just feel generally more comfortable – or well I do anyway.

So I decided to do a post on office outfits with pants.  Now to perfectly honestly i only really have 3 pants i can wear to work – 1 x black, 1 x blue and 1 x harem black pants so I really have to mix and match my tops to try and make it look like i’m not wearing the same thing over and over o_o

Now most of you probably did a double-take when you saw me write harem pants – yes not very corporate but if you dress it up with something dressy/office-y on top you can get away with it.

so here are my outfits – 1 for each pair of pants:

Outfit 1: blue office pants


so this is the outfit with my blue office pants which I got for $15 from Singapore’s bugis street (majorly recommend to anyone who enjoys cheap clothes – there are quite a few treasures in that crowded alley) – I’m sorry it looks black in the photos but it’s actually a dark navy blue

Outfit details: polka dot corporate shirt for S$10 from bugis street| blue office pants for S$15 from bugis street| misshop high heel pumps


I absolutely love the polka dot shirt – if you read my intro post you’d know that i like pieces of clothing which have very unique details to it – this shirt has a very cute mismatching collar and double-layered pockets so if that’s not unique enough then well.. it’s a freaking polka dot collared shirt – you try find me one like it.


close-up of the collar and pocket details

Outfit 2: black skinny pants

Outfit details: black zipless pants from free fusion AUD$14| olive green translucent chiffon collar top from bugis street for S$18

this is a very simple outfit for one of those days I really couldn’t be bothered figuring out my outfit but still needed to look presentable.

Outfit 3: black harem pants


Outfit details: black harem pants from Dotti for AUD$10| grey collared top with black jewel embelishments from Editor’s Maker for S$20ish| Charles and Keith shoes for S$14~$20ish (special mentions for my fav shoe brand Charles and Keith – a homegrown Singaporean shoe brand which has managed to make it quite big in the Fashion Scene overseas)


so I tried to dress up my top a little bit and wear more professional heels.  Highly recommend Editor’s Maker in Singapore at Cineleisure which goes by a very unique pricing method – the prices change depending on the amount of items you buy from the shop.  The cheapest price is when you buy above 15 items so it makes a lot more sense if you go with the idea of killing your wallet or with a big group friends and paying together.


closer look at my top from Editor’s Maker

I apologise for the bad quality pics but i dont plan on lugging my mini-dslr cam to work and using it in the office toilets as that may be slightly embarassing so I only use my discreet inconspicuous digi-cam which presents the above results.  Sorry!

so there my fashion friends, is my troubled office wardrobe – feel free to post suggestions in our comments box or drop us an email at wh0otolduthat@gmail.com 

stay tuned for my next post on hot must-have piece of clothing to add to your office-wear wardrobe 😉

2 Responses to “i wear the pants in this office”
  1. whotolduthat says:

    LOVE the last outfit, i have zara harem pants i also wear for work;)

  2. di says:

    love the top of the last outfit!!! 🙂 i actually quite like work wear when it is super super sharp 🙂 unfortunately, i just wear my UNIFORM most of the time (yes i have a uniform -_-)

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