guess who’s back, back again? TABLO’s back, tell a friend.

super behind on this but….

so as previous posts may hint [see HERE and HERE], i am a huge fan of tablo and epik high, and have a large amount of respect for them as established artists. so after tablos huge hiatus from the entertainment scene, i was SO happy to hear him sign on with YG entertainment [as the one of the big 3 entertainment companies…i by far like YG artists the most due to the hiphop/street vibe they give – 1TYM, big bang, 2NE1, se7en, gummy, etc]!

he made his return to the public music eye on inkigayo with 나쁘다/Bad and Tomorrow [with taeyang]  – he still seemed so nervous and quiet in front of the cameras, poor guy!

the mv for 나쁘다 is a lot more graphic than i expected rofl…wonder if it will get banned in korea 0_o

tomorrow mv:)



listening to his whole album, i cant say i absolutely love it – its a much more mellow, sad album for tablo to make than usual – epik high’s music has always been a bit darker and raw than other artists in the mainstream, but you can tell how much his past hurt from the korean public has been absorbed into his album 열꽃…so, RESPECT as always!

my favourite tracks off the album are probably:




airbag feat. 나얼



and 밑바닥에서 feat bumkey [i love his voice]




even if you listen here, please support tablo and buy his album off  iTunes [Part 1 and Part 2]! i will definitely do this…when i get to korea in 2 months:)

and subscribe! hes got his own YouTube channel HERE🙂



– beckii xo




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