so i admit, i really like my crackberry  -i want real buttons on my smartphone! not all that touchscreen stuff! so even though my previous blackberry bold 9700 has been frustrating me like crazy over the past year because of the FAIL operating system…i still upgraded to the blackberry bold 9900 two weeks ago haha.

the BB 9900 is a definite improvement over the 9700; its slimmer, slightly wider, but very nice to touch…and a much more responsive QWERTY keyboard. OS 7 makes for much faster loading, and the touch screen is an interesting novelty for the BB, although i dont really find it necessary – being someone who is used to the touch wheel to navigate.


one interesting app addition is ‘wikitude‘, which allows you to scan your area around you to find people nearby who are using twitter/youtube/bbm etc [who allow themselves to be found; you can turn this option off]…interesting! great stalker tool, ROFL.


..however, im finding this BB to be kind of laggy already…so im gonna go back to the seller this week and see if anything can be done.



BB 9700 vs 9900


9900 is slimmer than the 9700..


also wider.



the convenience key on the bottom half of the side turns on the camera – which is really annoying when i put it in the case because whenever i take my phone out [the case is a lil tight] the cam turns on and takes a random shot urgh.





see if you can keep me as fan, blackberry!



– beckii xo

2 Responses to “CRACKBERRY ADDICT: BOLD 9900”
  1. Andrew says:

    change the convenience key to bbm perhaps? you will have no idea how awesome the touchscreen is until you begin to use it….then the 9700 will seem like some brick invented last millenium

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