Hardware societe revisited

I just downloaded the WordPress application on my new iPhone 4s!!! This phone has definitely made me feel more set up as compared to my old Nokia e71. Where have I been all these years!!! Ive just realised what a luxury it is to be able to check my email (all my accounts!) at the touch of a button and to browse websites more freely with less waiting time. Absolutely loving it! I don’t even mind the touch screen too much but I must say I’m typing a little less slowly. Siri is also just a little bit of a novelty and doesn’t get put to much use here in Australia because it can only search up businesses in the states. But i guess it still provides me with a little bit of entertainment, tells me the weather and plays my music on shuffle for me while I’m driving.

In other news, these are a few snapshots of our food at Hardware Societe yesterday.



My baked eggs dish made for a different breakfast experience. They came in a really cute, fun-sized casserole pot and the dish, I thought, was really appealing to the eye once the lid was lifted. I ate up all the sausages all too quickly though and the dish became boring at the end- too much egg, not much of anything else. But all in all, still a satisfying experience.



Yijun’s coddled eggs which reminded me of soft boiled eggs we used to eat back in singapore for breakfast. I loved that these were presented in a shot glass!!!

So that’s my first post written from my iPhone 🙂


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