hehe…caught up with miss sarah last friday at a lil brunch place closer to home, Graceland in Doncaster.

Graceland Cafe Restaurant on Urbanspoon








heard good reviews about this place so decided to check it out – after much decision if we should try the raved about terracotta eggs, or pancakes, or french toast, sarah decided on the cinnamon apple pancakes, and i got the indian french toast…



my cappuchino, sarah’s chai latte:)


cinnamon apple pancakes…theyr so..domed for pancakes 0_O



nice light chilli dipping sauce for the french toast…was pretty nummy:)


wouldnt say i was WOWed by the food, but it was still pretty nice + tasty, coffee was decent too…i liked the service the most, actually. the boss + staff was very attentive to us for orders and water top ups – and i was surprised at the seemingly regular clientele and how well they seemed to know the boss and vice versa…very chill!



id say this was a nice place to chill out at:) enjoy the food photos;)



– beckii xo

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