so! i can finally post this now iv sent them off as gifts…


as you may or may not know, iv been a huge fan of the USA-based[?] toy brand kidrobot [ever since seeing their entire SIMPSONS figurine collection a few years back on nitrolicious’s blog]



one of the designers who collaborates with kidrobot is Frank Kozik, and i am in LOVE with his plushie LABBITs…mainly the ‘Smorkin Labbit’ [a rabbit with a cigarette in its mouth] and even more so, the ‘ ‘Stache Labbit’ [kind of self explainatory]. THEYR SO FREAKIN CUTE + STUMPY!!

i reallllly want this GIGANTIC, I-WANT-TO-SQUISH-YOU 24 inch labbit! but…settled for two 7-inch labbits as presents for my friends, which i found in this dope lil store called Villain down an alley of QV in the city, near the apartment section…it also stocked other kidrobot items [as well as spray paint and other coloured marker pens to customise munny toys with] and tokidoki things…which i also love!!




iv walked past this store so many times when its been closed and pressed my face against the glass….ROFL


ninja shot of the ‘stache labbits in different colourways:)


so funny…kidrobot making plushie pancakes/pizza/donuts..ROFL





you can see the huge labbit behind the cake plushie thing, under the pink gloomy bear!





ROFL. zebra labbit:D





tee hee so cute…my friend sent me a similar shot to the one above [after i gave it to her] and was like, “look at labbits butthole.” AHHA.



i didnt look at the tags but apparently they have ‘care’ instructions written on them, including stuff like “pat labbit every day so he doesnt run away to join the circus.” TOO CUTE!:D



definitely need to go back and blow more moneys there;)

– beckii xo

2 Responses to “LABBIT-ING AROUND.”
  1. Jessica D says:

    Labbits are the best thing ever! I have many, know, not enough. 🙂 If you like labbits check out my labbit blog!

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