..and not much else ROFL. [so its just food photos mainly from here on…]



exhausted! decided to wander around the Rocks in sydney in the morning…i have incredibly bad orientation in sydney, so i literally just followed the others around…so excuse me if i dont actually know exactly where we were=P

the rocks

the rocks2

random massive cruise ship at the rocks…i swear it was a lot more sunny and less stormy looking in real life 0__O

the rocks3

the rocks4

market…i dunno what one ROFL

opera house

sydney opera house~!

the rocks5

a lady contortionist…stuffing herself into a small plastic cube with a basketball 0__O

the rocks6

the rocks7

sydney harbour bridge

harbour bridge…

opera house2





decided to check out Pancakes at the Rocks for…brunch…heard about it from a lot of people, not to mention i always have a weakness for…pancakes hahahaha.

Pancakes on the Rocks on Urbanspoon



always open eh?

super busy when we got there; it wasnt too bad! similar to Pancake Parlour here, if not slightly better.


my bavarian apple pancakes with sultanas + cinnamon sugar:)


thomas’s aussie sunrise with extra BACONNN.


su’s macadamia madness pancakes:D


david’s aussie sunrise with scrambled eggs…and hella butter…ahahaha.




wandered around Pitt St in the afternoon…interesting to see some flagship stores of brands which we dont get in melbourne [wanted shoes, one teaspoon, etc…COME HERRE]

pitt st mall

kidrobot x swatch

found a kidrobot x swatch collabo! OOH. [see my kidrobot love HERE]

pitt st2

this busker was taking up the entire centre section of the street…huge circle around him…

pitt st3

…but gotta give it to him…he was reallly good:D


inside QVB?

qvb clock

cool clock:D:D

qvb clock2

qvb stairs

winding stairs leading to nowhere..

qvb clock3

another clock. yey.


random chatime cuz its awesome! brown rice milk tea….i think!




met my cousins + auntie + uncle in the afternoon for an incredibly early dinner at 5pm; who took me to Din Tai Fung – i always see this in singapore but have never been…another of those dumpling joints=P gotta say it was pretty good! they dont take bookings, and by 6pm there were lines of people waiting for tables 0__O

Din Tai Fung on Urbanspoon

din tai fung

cool fake dragon looping around the restaurant:)

din tai fung2

making dumplingsss.

din tai fung3

vegetable dumplings? werent bad.

din tai fung4

veggie/tofu salad thing…

din tai fung5

xiao long bao! we got a pork one, and a crabmeat one…the crabmeat ones were BOMB!!

din tai fung7

cant go wrong with hot and sour soup:D

din tai fung8

noodles with pork mince + beancurd:D

din tai fung9

random green beans. really liked this one!

din tai fung10

more random veg.

din tai fung11

mmm xiao long bao..

din tai fung12

wontons in chilli oil…gotta say the ones in hutong are better! [see HERE for my visit there]

din tai fung13

mango pudding with condensed milk…good! really light.

din tai fung14

deep fried taro paste thingy…i didnt try it but my cousins said it was good [although one was weirded out that taro is purple, ROFL]

din tai fung15

my red bean dumpling things. GOOD!



flying to malaysia tomorrow…cant wait!



– beckii xo

  1. hey Din Tai Fung will be coming to Melbourne. What is the service like?

    • BQIIDR says:

      Truthfully, I think it will be different depending where you go. I went to the Sydney branch perhaps 4 years ago, but I don’t remember:( and the few times I’ve been in Korea I think is also very different…

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