little bit short on time this year, but decided to do another xmas tshirt giveaway; id have posted this earlier but i only got back from singapore this morning and im freakin exhausted!!


ANYWAY! help me to help you…if you like free stuff.  who doesnt?! im making 2 tshirts to give away using my sheepybeats design as seen below:

lamb smooth edge

[gonna cut/paste what i wrote earlier]:

The rules are much easier this time! All you have to do is:

1. Follow me on twitter>>
2. Like my facebook art page >>
3. And TAG yourself in the image HERE.

Because im going to be away overseas come mid December, competition starts NOW [9/10th November], and it will close 1st December 2011. Two winners will be picked at random and annouced by 5th December 2011. Good luck, spread the word and start tagging!:D

SO…pretty much only a few days to go. but please join + spread it!:D
-beckii xo

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