…and so sad about it=[ but HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! suffering post holiday blues after touching back down in burn city 1.5 days ago; totally missing asia! T__T


..however, im not baller enough to be on holiday forever, rofl…so back to work i go. currently trying my best to unpack the shopping hauls and take photos of them, so they should be up soon=]=] got a few awesome buys that im excited to share!



leaving yall with what i wore today to my brother’s farewell drinks…going to the US of A for 6 months or longer to study! im so excited for him!


outfit details: Monki white asymmetrical tshirt from hong kong [BARGAIN, only 40HKD!] | H&M black basic tank dress | H&M leopard print leggings | Ego and Greed ‘Kitty’ nubuck wedges in tan | H&M black leather zipper bag | Regal Rose hematite cross | nerd glasses from korea [YES, with a prescription! and they were only abt 50AUD all up!] | retro gold Casio watch


melbourne’s  ‘summer’ is so bipolar i cant even tell what to wear…it was wet and cold when i arrived back, and tomorrow is supposed to be super hot. i dont get it!






– beckii xo

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  1. […] random tribal H&M leggings…and a Monki white tee [damn you low contrast! totally missed seeing the tshirt on first edit] for 40HKD! which is what, like 5 bucks or sth AUD?? seen worn HERE=] […]

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