…i did.

hahaha the number of inappropriate puns i could use for this is endless! hahaha….


…anyway, miss lara juust passed me the goodies she bought me from her trip to the states; including Urban Decay’s Naked palette.  i dont really wear much makeup usually unless im going to an event or something, but it seemed like a cult product thats “must try”..=P i actually really wanted Naked2! but apparently it was sold out/not available…so i will probably have to wait til later to see if i can pick that one up somehow….


i havent had the chance to testdrive it myself, but had to emergency use a few of the eyeshadows from the palette last night on lara to help her out [tried to use it in a way that it would look like it hadnt been used before  took photos today, ROFL], and they seem to be pretty pigmented, and blend really well:D YEY.




it comes with a mini eyeshadow primer potion which i cant wait to try:D








she gifted me a NARS blush in Deep Throat for my bday! ^^ iv never tried NARS before and im not a huge blush buff, but im sure it will live up to the hype:D



the compact has this rubbery finish to it…makes it feel so nice to touch hehe:D



the sunlight/PS editing made this look pinker than it really is…its a lot more peachy in real life.




annnd finally….I GOT THE BOO BOOK!! sooo excited, that doggy is so fuggin cute – definitely will brighten my darker days with his cuteness + his exo-deviated eyes [i have a feeling only diana is going to understand that haha]






ennnjoy! oh, and HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to the aussies!:D



-beckii xo

2 Responses to “WHO GOT NAKED…?”
  1. Linna Luu says:

    Awwww doggie!! I like the eye shadow palettes! I would use every single one of those colours!

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