been wanting to take photos of my kicks collection for a while…finally got round to it!




14 pairs and counting…i first started reallly getting into kicks probably back in…about 2008? before then, i pretty much only rocked chucks….


i bought my first pair of AF1s for a friends 21st party [theme was ‘Fob or Black’ ROFL]…and never looked back since!! freakin love sneakers now:D im pretty partial to dunks; they’re my favourite!


next target? i want a pair of supras. ANND JS wings! had my eye on them ever since they came out a few years ago…


some history on some of them…



so…the first pair of kicks i officially bought…i think this one is a limited edition style…AF1s have a super thick sole and cuz im tall as it is…i dont really wear them that often=/ but they’re nice!




got these limited edition ice jordans from hong kong…bought them in half a size too small, so they are FOR SALE as you see HERE! worn only once and in good condition:D




adidas ‘ECSTASY’ kicks…my friend saw these with me in hong kong and was like, THEY ARE TOTALLY YOU. BUY THEM. so…i did! hahaha…




glitter gold dunks…these are SUPER loud! havent worn them in a milli though…




saw these in hong kong and was confused – Steve Madden makes kicks?! anyway, i was stupid and bought half a size too small again -__- so again, FOR SALE HERE!




my FAVOURITE pair of dunks! nike 6.0…picked these up in seattle in 2010…sooo cheap! around 50 bucks…and they are super comfy!! seen HERE.




i probably wear these kicks the most…Puma ‘Key’ sneakers in gold…love em:D




my most expensive pair of kicks to date…limited edition Nike x Nylon magazine dunks in hot pink…i wanted them SO bad and they sold out in the states! so shipped a slightly large pair to aus…cost me nearly $300 bucks all up=/ seen HERE.




House of Dereon [Beyonce’s brand] snakeskin kicks.  picked these up in lil tokyo in Los Angeles…theyr kind of sneakers but also kind of boots…so its really hard to match with things, haha!






i want more. ROFL! anyway, enjoy!



– beckii xo

5 Responses to “PUSH KICKS”
  1. Oohh ur kicks are so awesome!
    I’m not much of a sneakers wearer, but these look fun. ^^

    JS Wings are super cute. /wants/ LOL

  2. they are so cool! i dont think I can rock them but i am sure you do t amazingly 🙂

  3. Naomi says:

    Dude, I have the same pair of Adidas Ecstasy’s but ther are all worn out! I REALLY want to ge the same ones again cuz I love them soooo much, but I dont know where, and no-one seems to have them.Do you know where I can get them?

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