snow white and the seven seeds

teehee ok not quite white but, close enough. This pinky champagney asymmetric chiffon shirt is currently my favvvvvourite piece of clothing in my wardrobe at the moment. Got it from Singapore’s first H&M store when I was back there for a week at the beginning of the year. too short, as always 😦


loveee it!!! 🙂

In the spirit of the Australian Open just passed, my friends decided to make use of the tennis court near my place. For a pre-game feed, we decided to check out one of Melbourne’s many cafes, Seven Seeds, which is tucked away in a little alley (as all good cafes are) just out of the city.

Seven Seeds on Urbanspoon


Loved the whole warehouse-y feel to the place. Brick walls, wooden beams and high ceilings go so well together! 🙂


Delicious looking hot chocolate… which wasn’t mine lol. I totally regretted not ordering it the second the waiter set it down. That stick of chocolate was definitely the icing on the cake – yummy and acted as a stirer too! Clever! 🙂


Mocha and pretty latte art!!! I must say that I expected a more unique coffee experience at Seven Seeds because I read online that they use Rwandan coffee. I felt that the cuppa I had tasted pretty much the same as the other coffees I’ve tried in Melbourne… still really good though! Especially that first sip…the first sip of coffee is always the best!

And finally for outfit pics. I think you can pretty much guess what I wore hehe. Got some bad shots messed up by the wind but still gonna post them anyways 🙂




Details: H&M chiffon shirt, Country Road shorts, RMK Wedges.

Take care everyone, thanks for reading! 🙂

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