did my pun work? rofl lame…



anyway, caught up with my old friends dan and kim at AXIL Coffeeroasters in Hawthorn today, along Burwood Road – havent seen them since i was 21 so…3 years!! so long. reminisced about what it was like when we were….younger. ROFL!!


Axil Coffee Roasters on Urbanspoon





i hadn’t heard about AXIL’s existence until….last week actually. but it was pretty nice! the interior has this industrial feel, lightbulbs strung along the rafters; yellow squiggles above – i ordered the corn + haloumi fritters, dan the potato hash, and kim the veal ragu…think it was a unianimous, “I RATE THIS PLACE.” 😉










my corn + haloumi fritters with avocado, spinach and a poached egg:D






dan’s potato hash:D



kim’s veal ragu..



gotta say the haloumi taste wasnt as strong as i was expecting, so it was pretty mild, but i liked how they gave me a massive piece of avocado on top hehe. would’ve rated higher if the taste of the fritter alone was stronger:)

coffee again was pretty good – i asked for the single origin coffee of the day as per usual [when i go to brunch places]…couldnt really hear what the waiter was saying, so i just nodded and went along with it ahaha – but it was good! very smooth…whatever that grind was 0__O





the weather wasn’t too hot today; so i jumped at the chance to try wearing my Sakun varsity jacket out…but it warmed up pretty much as soon as i left the house… -___-


outfit details: Sakun print varsity jacket | Cotton On black slouchy tee | my good old denim shorts | random black tights | Converse black sequin Jack Purcells | Regal Rose hematite cross | nerdicles from korea



so…for old times sake…decided to go LANNING after lunch!! YAY! haha i haven’t played lan games since about year 12…so 7+ years now. we hit up IBISQ down the road for a few hours, played oldschool counterstrike…got bored and decided to try left 4 dead. my first time playing it but i LOVE IT!! hehe. so much fun to blow up zombies together as a team [haha yes i was such a boy growing up…but i love video games ♥]


who wants to play L4D with me again?! hehehe.


until next time!



– beckii xo

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