…new year, new upgrades!


decided it was time to move up from n00b status and update my graphics tablet [which, i can now not do without and use to death!] – Wacom has been my weapon of choice, and after reading numerous reviews,  the medium sized Intuos4 seemed to be the number 1 pick for best all-rounded tablet.

…of course if i wanted to be pro i could buy the Wacom Cintiq [inbuilt screen]…but i think spending several grand on a tablet is probably exuberant/unncessary for me right now…ahaha=P



i currently use a medium  Bamboo Pen & Touch tablet, which is the most basic of the Wacom range – 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity; 4 configurable buttons on the side, one of them to toggle between the pen and touch modes [ note: the more pressure sensitivity levels a tablet has, the more ‘natural’ it feels to draw, and simulate digitally]; and about 4 extra nibs.

…i tend not to use the touch mode at all because it annoys me and moves my image around too much, so i pretty much only use the pen mode…and use my own keyboard shortcuts rather than the buttons on the side=P but iv been pretty happy with this tablet in itself, aside from wanting an upgrade.



in contrast to this, the newer gen Intuos4 has double the sensitivity at 2048 pressure levels, and 8 customisable buttons on the side [LED-luminated], as well as a touch wheel [default keys: shift, alt, ctrl, pan/scroll, dosplay toggle, precision mode, info (onscreen cheat sheet for shortcuts?!), radial mode (programmable button for single functions)]. a weighted pen stand is now included! with many more different types of nibs – standard, felt-tipped, spring loaded + flex.

this one is also supposed to have ’tilt sensitivity’, which would mimic the effect of tilting a regular pencil/brush. i was also contemplating the slightly more expensive WIRELESS version of this; but was convinced by my friend that waiting for the bluetooth connection to load had lower reliability than the normal direct USB connection…plus, how far would i need to sit from my computer to do work?!

neither tablets include a mouse, but thats cool because…my computer already has one? 0__O




anyway! i recieved my massive package in the mail yesterday!! so i took happy snaps of the unboxing.  i have not tried the tablet yet; so all the information above is collated from various online resources, but im so excited to try it soon! once i finish the current image im working on….=] enjoy!

disclaimer: was told to fiddle with different camera modes after my dSLR course yesterday; so i tried using aperture mode rather than manual mode [as i normally do] for most of these images…dont like it, a lot of them came out blurry because im too n00b still to figure out the correct aperture/shutter speed combinations right now…FFF >=[ sticking with manual mode next time..




sorry…needed to block out my address^^



soo much bubble wrap! …which went in the bin=[



more wrapping.



and more wrapping…








there you are! shiny and new…



USB cable, rubber pen grip, manual + CD, pen stand..



pen stand…



open up to reveal the different nibs! and the nib extractor in the centre.



and my old tablet….



a few scratches here and there…but still not bad condition…and i still got 3 nibs left:D



i definitely recommend a tablet if you do any kind of digital graphic work…sooo much easier~!!:D




– beckii xo

  1. rawr says:

    you should make a video unboxing on youtube!!!! 😀

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