so, i was a little impulsive and decided to buy a pack of nail polish strip things whilst in hong kong – the easy way to a ‘salon-inspired’ manicure i suppose. iv never tried them before, so i was interested in seeing how they fared…


..as you can see by my photos, nail polish strips are pretty much precut nail stickers with pretty patterns/designs on them, which you peel off and smooth onto your own nail, and file to shape – a very fast way to ‘paint your nails’, as such…




looking at the other side…



these ones i had a bit of trouble with – they were quite thick, and the n00b i am! i stuck them on the wrong way round on my left hand – as you can see, curved edge out…the curved edge is supposed to be closest to your cuticle. subsequently i had to cut off the edges by sawing away with my nail file, which landed me a few small cuts on my surrounding skin >=[



before filing…



after filing…



finished!….ONE nail -___-






a few of them fell off the next day [being today, see HERE]…which was quite annoying, i had to restick them using nail polish because they would not adhere on their own -__-  decided to take them all off when another one fell off!! >=[

im not someone to be bothered to spend too long on my nails, so this was too annoying trying to keep the nails stickers on my nails…


anyway, i know Sally Hansen does a pretty nice range HERE; i haven’t tried them but they seem to be thinner, maybe they’d stick better to the nail??? feedback would be great on these!






– beckii xo


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