…give or take a few years rofl!


to all those couples out there, happy valentines day! to all the singles out there…happy singles awareness day!:D


haha anyway, im [clearly] not big on february 14th, but i thought id post a compilation of old 90s/early 2000s songs that i have been jamming to all day [reminiscing!] – and id hope you’d want to listen to on vday, because….theyre awesome!


…ok so this is totally an excuse to post old school rnb….but il take itl;)




iv been playing this over and over for the past 2-3 days…corny mv but such an awesome song:D


who doesnt love this one? nelly x kelly!♥


oooh i cant believe i found this one…what happened to mario winans?!


ummm ignoring some of the dirty lyrics ROFL…this used to be one of my ultimate favourites back in the day…


sticking this in for kicks…this is what happens when you’re the son of an oldschool established rapper [master p] – HAHA he looks like 8 yrs old here.


…annd he looks about…maybe 9 in this one? HAHA so tiny…


another good group that disappeared…what happened to jagged edge??


joe. classic.


roofl lyrics again a bit iffy…but loved this! cant go wrong with joe!! R.I.P big pun…


weeeeee thalia♥


i love alicia keys♥ [ok so this one is newer….but stiiilll!]


the good girls arent alllways taken…maybe you’re looking in the wrong place buddy;)





hmmm heaps more but i cant think of any more for now but! enjoy 2 newer tracks by 2 of my favourite asian american rappers….funnily enough both tracks feature jennifer j chung…shes so talented!:D


this dropped today for vday, loving decipher’s rhymes! jennifer’s part is great as well…definitely going to be bumpin this one for a while!! typography is DOPE!


i actually like toestah x jennifer ‘s version much better than nelly x kelly…i dunno why. LOVE IT.


check them both out! have a great night/day, wherever you are:)





– beckii xo





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