at the request of my mother, who has been talking about eating at the popular japanese restaurant Shira Nui for MONTHS – we decided to go as a late ‘birthday’ lunch to both of us [my birthday passed in early january, hers in late december] today to try it out.


i have never been; although iv heard a lot about the quality of the food there, especially the degustation menu at night…


being the stingy people we are, dinner was out of the question=P



Shira Nui on Urbanspoon





the lunch menu was not really anything overtly special on first inspection –  we ordered the charashi[?] sushi special set, the unadon and momoyaki chicken. verdict? all of them were great:D if i had to choose between the 3 id probably choose the charashi set – came with rice under all the super fresh sashimi,  unagi + egg, as well as the chawanmushi egg custard on the side♥  although! the chicken and the unagi were verrrry well done as well…


disclaimer: i was fiddling with the different shutter speeds/apertures/ISOs on my dSLR to work out how to take better shots…so a lot of these are not as clear as i would hope -___- oh well. practise makes perfect!



starters? side dishes? idk…


chawanmushi…not bad!


another noodle pic. roofl.






charashi set! soo good…






damage mid-meal…



nearly done…






momoyaki chicken! verrryyy goooot!:D



…my mother was concerned about leaving so much rice [despite me saying, “finish the meat first dont worry about the rice!!”]…guessing she enjoyed herself – had to loosen her belt by one notch on her dress HAHA=P

id be interested to see how dinner fares at shira nui…when i can justify a more expensive meal haha=P



my outfit [was REALLY hot during lunchtime…luckily i got home before melburn displayed its usual bipolar weather – decided to start thundering, HAILING, and pouring down with rain a few hours later…-___-]…love asymmetry + layers! not sure if this fares as blogworthy [esp without shoes] but oh well.


details: H&M cropped tee | Cotton On striped tank underneath | Nasty Gal blackk asymmetrical skirt | Regal Rose hematite cross | Tiffany & Co. midnight titanium ring



until next time!



– beckii xo

3 Responses to “NEW TO SHIRA NUI.”
  1. Shirley says:

    you look great Beckii!! food looks awesome too!

  2. D' says:

    Do their Omakase Degustation menu, it is fantastic and well worth the price!! 😀

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