soo…if you did or didnt know already, Mimco is holding a photoshoot competition to be an assistant stylist on their new 2012 campaign shoot – EXCITING! so of course, i had to try my luck… [you can enter it + see details HERE]


…enlisted the help of my dear evil twin bec; i spent most of sunday morning prepping with her – figuring out the outfit [which, is not actually one dress…more like a concoction of several items of clothing carefully pinned], styling her hair, doing her makeup [SO much fun!:D:D] and telling her how to pose in humid burn city weather [im sorry you had to wear a leather jacket in all of that]…


anyway she was fantastic, and the shots came out great! despite me actually forgetting my memory card in my dSLR [the horror when i turned my camera on and it told me NO MEMORY CARD IN SLOT]…thank God i had brought my point + shoot with me! so unfortunately the photos again are not as clear as they could’ve been, but i still hope i get somewhere…


public voting will start on March 1st, so I will put up the voting link once that comes out…fingers crossed!!:D



it took me ages to decide which image to submit>__< but here are most of them…all photos are on my facebook art page HERE [‘like’ it? ^__^] enjoy!


outfit details:  my black boob tube [handmedown from my cousin] | my black chiffon Zara ruffled skirt | Bec’s mum’s old mesh floral print dress [top half rolled under + pinned] | my Zara leather jacket [from HERE] | my Kelsi Dagger ‘Linzy’ pumps in red [see HERE]| my Mimco Turnlock red patent leather travel wallet [see HERE] | my Holbrooke by S.Berry ‘Joy’ chain ring [left hand; see HERE] | my old chain lanyards used as the bracelet and necklace pieces


mimco4 edit

this is the submitted image….=]


mimco1 edit

…although i was debating using this one. hoping i made the right choice!



outside some random house….ninja posing before they came out ROFL.



how awesome does she look here!? model status!



definitely my favourite picture of the day. work it!:D


thats all!



– beckii xo

  1. “bec’s mum’s dress” xD haute couture for-the-pin!

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  1. […] so i screwed up; the image i originally sent in of bec was too big; so what i thought went through DIDNT ACTUALLY >=[ so im 2 weeks behind on the voting now but…please vote for me? check out the original set of images i took HERE! […]

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