for some reason, ended up at Emerald Peacock two weekends in a row for 2 separate birthday drink events – burn city has been true to its nick in the past week or so, its been RIDICULOUSLY burning hot [38 degrees celsius this weekend!!!]….but that didnt stop me trying to cover up hahaha…


enjoy the random outfit pics.



you’ve probably seen me post a similar outfit last year…and these pants are pretty hard to pull off unless you wear high heels, lest you get mistaken for wearing some weird nappy of some sort….ROFL.

outfit details: Monki white asymmetrical tshirt | Lacquar black harem/draped leggings [see my Lacquar post HERE] | Jeffrey Campbell ‘Foxy’ platforms in black leather [clearer pictures HERE] | Regal Rose hematite cross | Tiff & Co. midnight titanium ring [clearer pictures HERE] | studded bag from hong kong






been dying to wear this shirt out that i got from haji lane [see spore haul HERE] for ages! so i did so despite dying in the heat…would’ve probably looked better with higher red platforms but i really couldnt be bothered. much easier to get around in lower heels.

outfit details: red chiffon pearl/studded + caped shirt from Haji Lane in singapore | black bodycon mini | Cheap Monday ‘Angle Low’ boots in black | fake ‘Prada’ handbag rofl | Tiff & Co. midnight titanium ring | Regal Rose cross ring in silver | question mark ring from korea



a haircut/dye job is in order soon…to stay with this kind of weird semi-ombre thing im rocking at the moment [its currently 3 colours…by accident]…or back to my red red hair?? haha feedback?:D





-beckii xo



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