little red riding skirt

ok so there’s really no such thing as a riding skirt.. it’s either riding pants or you flash to the world.. and for the record i highly encourage you opt for the former.

but there is a new trend to keep an eye on – brightly coloured office pencil skirts.

This trend has actually be around for a good half a year now – and these photos are a good 6 months old now too so if anything it’s my fault for taking so long to blog about them.

i first noticed this trend on Yoon Eun Hye in her drama Lie to Me:


sorry for the slightly vague photo but it’s the best still i can find – absolutely love this outfit – totally snazzy chic and completely casual at the same time – but unfortunately if i wore this outfit to office I’d probably be chopped to pieces before fired.

so i singapore for a similar skirt and finally found one at a bargain – $8 at bugis street market.

and threw together a few outfits for work:


outfit deets: blue satin skirt from forevernew | red skirt from bugis | studded heels from online shop

first outfit was trying out block colours – red VS blue and different fabrics – satin VS cotton and paired with studded heels for a more biker/chic look. and you can tell how old this photo is considering i still had a fringe back then LOL..


outfit deets: white double-breasted military shirt from Valerie for $20 | red pencil skirts from bugis $8 | orange belt complimentary with another pair of shorts

this outfit was more plain and simple with the white shirt  for a normal office look and i threw in an pop orange belt just for a bit of fun



outfit deets: cropped military blazer from Far East Plaza for $25 | black singlet from Forever21 $8 | red pencil skirt from bugis $8 | shoes from Charles and Keith

this outfit was more of a chic look with black and red thrown together (a combo i always love) and as i love military designs so this blazer added a bit of edge to the outfit and the pop orange belt also added a bit more definition to the outfit.



so those are a few very normal office outfits for the red pencil skirt – there are a lot of other ways of wearing it including wearing it out for casual wear but I’m not really a skirt person when it comes to casual day-to-day dressing so I haven’t really put any outfits together for casual but you can always wear cartoon tees/printed graphic tees..etc.. with the skirt for a more dressed down look.

please send in any photos of yourself in brightly coloured pencil/bandage skirts to share with us 🙂

also it’s important to note that bandage and pencil skirts are not suitable for all body types – to be honest my body type is probably bordering on not appropriate because I’m not a skinny person.  skinny/lanky girls with loong loong never ending legs would look best in these type of skirts.  but with control underwear girls bordering on curvy like me would be able to slip into such skirts as well and maybe try slightly darker colours like electric blue.. forest green..etc..  😉

so have some fun flirting with various colours and different tops to match with these pencil skirts.

Enjoy girlies!

peace yo!

5 Responses to “little red riding skirt”
  1. Shirley says:

    I think you look great in that skirt. Curvy girls can wear them too….just have to be smooth curves, so that’s where the control underwear comes in 😛

  2. Jennifer Peck says:

    hi, i like you in the red and white combo the most……that spells elegance, comfort and classic…….the rest of the combination is fun too especially the blue and red combo…….as for the one with blazer is quite ordinary but it’s still ok………i like your fashion sense and i share the same sentiment that just an item can put so many different looks together…………well done, fashionista! wonder where you’ve got
    that fashion sense from????? lol, Jenn Peck

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