EDIT: FACE DROVE THEM! haha…edited the comments under the photos. hope its a bit better!


bb cream, or ‘blemish balm’ seems to have become an upcoming makeup ‘trend’ in the western world of late…although its been around for a good few years already in asian countries!  im not big on makeup [err…despite you seeing a few skincare/makeup based posts here 0_O], i never really liked the feeling of foundation caked on my face – pretty much never used it unless i had a formal event to go to.


until i discovered bb cream in my local korean Face Shop; and decided to give it a shot – i pretty much only use this now, it works very well as a medium between foundation and tinted moisturiser; and is quite good at concealing marks + dark circles. not to mention, a lot of them seem to have added ingredients to improve the health of your skin…


the only beef i generally have with bb creams? due to the high SPF content, you end up looking SUPER WHITE in flash photography -__- so,  id probably advise foundation instead in those circumstances.


iv got a whole stack of korean bb creams from the past yr or so; most of which i havent actually opened to use [although iv tried samples of the same thing] so i decided to kind of do photo swatches of them + share some thoughts on each one – not all bb creams are the same, so for me its been a process of trying HEAPS to figure out what i like [e.g my first bb cream was a generic one from the face shop…which went on pretty thick, and ended up giving me an oily not so good]..eliminating the ones i dont.

the only non asian bb cream i have tried is the maybelline one – pretty good, good consistency – im not sure how great it would work as a concealer though.



anyway! i dont know if these photos are going to help due to the different light levels in the photos – i tried to tweak the photos a little in photoshop so they reflect similar skin tone/light levels, but it was difficult haha…=/ also added a few more photos of other korean/other skincare i have been trying lately.


anyway, enjoy!


note: not alll of these i have tried on my face, only some of them…so take what i say with a pinch of salt



all the bb creams i have right now, minus one…because i forgot i had it haha.



my current one – Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream – this one is not too bad. the consistency is a little thicker than id like though, so i tend to use water to help application – also find it a little cakey when i use it under my eyes…



Banila Co. Naked BB Cream in Nude – banila co is a favourite! this one i like quite a bit, consistency is almost mousse-like, spreads very well and its super light.  good coverage + doesnt feel heavy on the skin. this brand is a little more expensive than other skincare brands, but id pay for it:D



Banila Co Glow BB Cream in True Beige – this shade is a little darker/warmer than the previous nude shade, has a more watery consistency – but does seem to give a ‘moist’ appearance:) EDIT: i like this better than the nude shade purely because this one is closer to my skintone and not so pale! i would rebuy this shade i think…unless banila has more 0__O



Banila Co BB Cream in Honey Beige – this is a matte formula; again a bit of a darker shade, so probably better for summer/warmer months when im less PALE! [although i dont know if im even less pale in summer….roofl] EDIT: not sure i like the matte texture; feel i look older and look more cakier with it hahaha. shade is good though….but id probably stick to the ‘glow’ formulas more.



Banila Co Sparkling Night BB Cream – i was actually expecting this to be kind of glittery/shimmery when i bought it. on opening, looks like its the same kind of ‘glow’ formula as the regular one…not sure if theres any difference haha. EDIT: still havent tried yet…still assume its the same as the first nude one haha.



Tony Moly Expert Triple BB Cream – havent test driven this on my face yet…rofl. also seems to be of a mousse-like consistency, this one is supposed to use prism effects ? to give you a glowing appearance. have heard this brand is known for BB creams…i think. EDIT: wow this one was not very easy to spread – had to use water to help. also the tone is pretty grey, it washes you out a little…maybe for winter..?



Tony Moly Expert Hyaluronic Acid BB Cream – hyaluronic acid has properties which are good for your skin [which is why aspirin, which also contains it, make great facial scrubs] thats why i picked this one up. supposedly has whitening properties too…which i dont want. ROFL. EDIT: same as the triple bb cream, pretty grey toned, not that easy to spread…both feel good though? hmm…



Tony Moly Honey-Bee Skin Solution BB Cream – again, marketed to improve skintone etc…consistency seems a bit thicker. i wont know how gluggy it may/may not feel until i face-drive this later though. EDIT: really like this one now! its a darker tone, so it matches my skin better than the paler ones, goes on nice and easy and feels good on my [horribly sensitive] skin…winner!!





The Face Shop’s ‘미감수’/rice water series i REALLY recommend…i love it! from left to right: brightening rice water  cleansing foam, brightening rice water lip + eye makeup remover [which i raved about HERE], rice water cleansing water, new packaging for the lip + eye makeup remover, also new packaging for the rice bran cleansing foam. 

the regular cleansing foam is very gentle on the skin, and removes traces of makeup well [as id expect, given how much i love the makeup remover]…i wasnt really sure what to do with the cleansing water when i bought it, but i generally use it to remove facial makeup before removing the rest with the eye+lip makeup remover…also works well to get rid of foundation/bb cream etc. the rice bran cleansing foam was a nice surprise, didnt realise it was actually a mild scrub! [yeah i should’ve read the actually says SCRUB right on the front in korean -__-] love it, love ittt:D im going to buy this range when i need until they make it no more…hahah..



Missha’s Super Aqua Balancing Emulsion – super recommend this one also, its a really thin, water based moisturiser – but doesnt leave skin dry. so its great for me who has really sensitive/combination skin, doesnt make my skin oily…yeyy! and the huge bottle..u need so little per application, its lasted me id think 6 months ish? and i still havent finished it…



random green-based makeup base from The Face Shop – i dont know, i dont think i saw much improvement getting rid of redness on my skin [not that i have all that much]…but then again i have only used it once so far. see how it goes…



Benefit’s Pore-fessional [as seen in my haul HERE] …really like this! its SUPER lightweight, totally melts into your skin…gives your skin a bit more of a matte appearance which makes the pores less visible..and you can apply it under OR over makeup. win!


alright. was this any help?! hahaha….




-beckii xo

5 Responses to “BE MY BB….CREAM.”
  1. NeL says:

    Hi Beckii. bump into your blog while i’m checking out the banila co bb creams.
    are the let me bebe, let me dressed, and let me touched barely same thing but only different in shades? check out their website but i can’t read them 😦

    • whotolduthat says:

      sorry for the late reply! they come in different shades and slightly different coverages – let me dressed is a matte formula, let me touched is a glow formula so it makes your skin look more moist. i think let me touched may come in matte also but i forget…theres some shades i bought this time round which are not on that blog. hope this helps!

  2. I also use this BB cream regulary when going to school. The only thing I didn’t like about the product is that it only comes in one shade. But other than that, there’s a lot to love about this product. Great collection haha!

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