there is honestly SO much raw talent on youtube [real talent…and those who…think…they have it..] and a lot of the time, a lot of them go unnoticed. which goes to show how much sometimes getting a break has more to do with money, timing, luck, and maybe connections? hmmm…


…anyway, randomly surfing for old rnb songs on youtube the other day, i came across a webcam thumbnail of this dude in a baseball cap for his cover of Beyonce’s ‘Love On Top’. i happen to really like this song, and pretty much expected a sub par, out of tune cover to be heard on clicking the link…


…jaw droppingly surprised. i dont know how old Leroy Bejarano is or his background [apart from that hes spanish…and has great english], but apparently he’s never studied music/voice, and taught himself guitar + piano. WHAT. great voice control [especially hitting those high notes 0__O]!


safe to say, iv been playing this cover a billion times. so i hope you enjoy!




and a tank/bonnie raitt cover….=]



and those are my jams for the week. add Leroy’s FB page HERE🙂





– beckii xo


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