another day of eating! with sam…


being tofu fans, we decided to go try out The Tofu Shop on Bridge Rd after passing by the Sass + Bide sale [which, on the first day of opening, was RIDICULOUS…the line of girls stretched like 50m down the street! 0__O]


Tofu Shop on Urbanspoon




much smaller than i expected – iv probably walked passed this place a lot of times in the past…

…set up like a sandwich bar, you choose between S/M/L for bowl sizes and decide which tofu delights you’d lke to eat [ i got the jist the range they serve changes], with a base of brown rice or couscous. we chose a medium bowl with a couscous base, a bit haphazardly – “that one!” “whats that?” “what about that?” “oooh eggplant..” and topped it off with their in-house tofu dip, which wasnt bad! seemed to be a ground mix of tofu, natural yoghurt and i dont really know what else…haha=D



see the prices at the bottom…


i cant remember exactly which ones we got, but it was pretty good! tasty – until i accidentally ate an entire red chilli [mistaking it for a capsicum piece] and DIED. my sinuses didnt like me for a while after that. im quite chilli tolerant but not all in one go! – “TOFU DIP! do your magic arrrgh i need milk >__<!”




under this all is a big, decieving, CHILLI T__T


i like tofu, i like vegetarian meals, their desserts also looked very enticing – but i think the price is a bit steep for what you get, so i dont know how often id be returning back here [like vegetarian? try out vegie hut also! review HERE]….but its good, so try it out if u like soy;)





did a bit of impromptu cheapo shopping [cotton on outlet, you are the best – got current season stock for about 10 bucks! thanks to sample sales] then onto Liar Liar in Hawthorn for coffee….it was past brunchtime so couldnt have their awesome ricotta pancakes, so we both settled for the single origin El Salvador blend in our usuals.

Liar, Liar on Urbanspoon



i wish i lived in a neighbourhood with as much pretty foliage as this…



hi sam.






the way i took this photo makes the glasses look like shot glasses 0__O


sam probably had a more negative approach to the coffee than me [too acidic??], but it wasnt that great – milky, but could barely taste the coffee due to all the milk! its ok…it was late in the day…maybe the barista was tired. i like that place though, super chill!







on another note, just got my new iPad! ….2. i didnt think the retinal display upgrade was worth the extra money for the iPad3, not to mention iPad2 16GB with wifi + 3G is only $AU569 now…couldnt resist! i havent had an apple product since getting my video iPod over 5 years ago [i just…dont like how the Mac OS runs]…so iv got a whole set up time ahead of me to redownload iTunes etc…meh -___-


this also means im on apps such as INSTAGRAM now! yay! and DRAW SOMETHING [i definitely dont put in effort into the drawings like i do my actual ones though haha]! my ID for both is ‘beckiiness‘, so please follow/add me!:)





– beckii xo


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