sometimes, having money doesnt necessarily buy you style. i dont claim to have amazing style in any sort, but just a recent train of thought – if you have money to buy all the latest trends and brands, doesn’t equate to being able to put them together in a tasteful way!


haha….anyway! last weekend [and a week or so before] went with sam [then] my mother to the cotton on outlet on bridge road – iv liked cotton on ever since they started! they generally put pretty good styles out, which are very affordable, and filled the quota for a lot of my basics for many years now:D


soo…both visits i kind of went a lil crazy on the seconds + samples racks…why? some of this stuff is current[new] season! discounted for whatever reason to $5-10 bucks [so whatever you see in this post cotton on, it was no more than that]. i have a weakness for asymmetric hems…and soo cheap! \o/



anyway, tried to take my own proper photos this morning using my Manfrotto tripod i got a few weeks ago, instead of my usual mirror photo…rofl i am AWKWARD TURTLE in front of the camera [i definitely prefer to be behind it], plus im tired as hell [and was headachey when i took these photos] at the moment so excuse my “>=[” “-__-” faces…


enjoy my cheapass haul, you can still look good for a cheap price:)



current season…i was actually looking at this in a regular store and had to stop myself from buying…good thing i did too! saved myself 20 bucks haha…



basic bright printed longline tees.



printed romper. cant believe i actually fit it! *needs to lose weight*



this one is not cotton on but still was cheap, abt $29! neon print, couldnt resist…

asymmetric tee:)



asymmetric jersey dress.



so either my mother or the shop decided to wash these longline tees with the sticker still on them=/ so …il have to pick off those paper shreds later arrrgh-__-  theyr so long they could almost be dresses though.



military shirt…



another current season item…so cheap hehe:D




neon stilletto1neon stilletto2

outfit details:  Zara leather jacket | Cotton On neon orange tee | H&M black tank [underneath] | Cotton On wet-look leggings | Diva multi-chain necklace | Roy charcoal beanie | Siren stud + diamante heels | random striped clutch from singapore



neon lita1neon lita2

outfit details: random neon turquoise + yellow knit | Cotton On asymmetric tshirt | BB Dakota slashed black leggings | Jeffrey Campbell Litas in taupe suede | Rportsgirl gold necklace




jersey sneaker1jersey sneaker2

outfit details: Ebase cropped hoodie from hong kong | Sportsgirl white slouchy tee | Cotton On grey jersey dress | Ash ‘Trouble’ wedge sneakers | Regal Rose hematite cross | Ray Ban aviators





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