i cant emphasise enough how much i freakin LOVE hiphop…korean hiphop being a huge favourite of mine.

posting about Primary today; a producer who is part of the indie label Amoeba Culture [which also houses other awesome awesome khiphop artists like Dynamic Duo (been a mega-fan of these guys for YEARS) and Simon D] – together forming Amoebahood😉


anyway i hadn’t really heard toooo much of his beats and production up until the past few years – from late last year up until now, Primary has released a series of short albums called ‘Primary and the Messengers Part 1/2/3/etc’…3 just came out, and they are freakin DOPE. fresh beats featuring some of my favourite artists…LOVE it!! *flails*


Part 3 just came out [today?], im wondering if there will be a part 4…

leaving you all with a few of my favourite tracks off each album:)


[from album Part 1]: Primary feat. Mellow, Yankie, Supreme Team – 요지경 [like a monkey! rooofl]



[ from album Part 2]: Primary feat. Beenzino – 멀어



[from album Part 2]: Primary feat. Zion. T – 만나



[from album Part 3]: Primary feat. Zion.T and Gaeko (from Dynamic Duo) – 씨스루(see through) [omg saw this this morning and LOVED IT!!]



[from album Part 3]: Primary feat. Bumkey and Paloalto – Love [heard this about half an hour ago…and no surprise, LOVED IT]



so if you like korean hiphop, or even just korean music, or just if you like hiphop, or you want to heard something fresh…definitely check out those tracks above:)


awesome music makes me smile:)


BONUS [also definitely recommended]:


Primary feat.  Dynamic Duo – 자니(johnny)


Prepix Project Asia – “Magic Glasses” (feat. Jay Park, Rivers Crew, Drifterz Crew, Poppin J, etc…) – VERY innovative and creative!






– beckii xo




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