so this post is long overdue, but now that iv finally received the right pair of dr martens, i can blog about it!


with the help of one of my friends, i managed to finally purchase a pair of black doc martens [over a month ago!] to replace my fake hong kong bought ones…which, in all truth, served me VERY well over the past 2-3 years, considering that they only cost me $150HKD at the time! [approximately $20AUD]…i wore them to death and i love them! but the dodgy metal eyelets kept ripping holes in my tights and leggings -__-



anyway, i first decided on the nappa ankle length docs in black…then surprisingly after my purchase! my friend gifted me with a free pair of black patent docs with an embossed flower pattern on them! >__< THANKS!

…decided there was no need for 2 black pairs, so swapped the nappa pair for cherry docs. FINALLY got them last weekend after a whole month because id been so tied down with work!

the leather is super stiff right now, but hopefully they’ll stretch nicely with use=/ cuz its preeeetty tight atm!





two for the price of one? heeeelll yeahh ^__^



cherry docs:)




detail on the flower embossing seen here:)



so it seems my jacket here is coming back into style…apparently Zara is selling something similar in a recent season?

outfit details: Sportsgirl Kaz combat jacket | Cotton On oatmeal loose tee | striped singlet from hong kong | Uniqlo blue denim jeggings | black patent Doc Martens | nerdicles from korea





– beckii xo


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