Uber Ubin Weekend

so firstly, apologies for posting once every forever.. but work has been crazy and so to relax i figured a weekend break was well in order.

i managed to find a deal on streetdeal.sg which included 1 night stay at Celestial Resort on Pulau Ubin Island, 2 hours of kayaking/snorkelling, 2 hours of fish spa, overnight bike rentals and fish feeding… all that for S$50… yeah freaking CHEAP.

For those unfamiliar with Pulau Ubin it’s a small island off Singapore which is still considered within the government of Singapore.  It is known for it’s lush greenery, amazing seafood lunches and biking trails.  Most would usually only take a day trip up with a few friends for a bike ride around the trails to breathe in the fresh, clean air before settling down to enjoy a seafood meal.  However, since I managed to score myself a sweet deal with 1 night’s stay I roped a friend in with me and we stayed for the night.

Although it’s on an island and surrounded by sea but i definitely would not recommend beach activities except fishing because the water isn’t what i would call swim-able if you get what i mean.

You can get to Pulau Ubin from Singapore by travelling on what they call ‘bum boats’ which cost $2.50 each way for a 10~15 min ride which leave from Changi Ferry Terminal right beside Changi Village.  The boats leave once there are 12 passengers ready for departure.  Although carbon monoxide isnt the best smell first thing in the morning but the bum boats look pretty sturdy and safe and are reasonably clean.


We arrived at Ubin and the smaller branch of the resort was within a 5 min walk through lush greenery including a small pandan plantation making the whole area smell of the sweet pandan fragrance (i LOVE pandan).  There, we picked up our bicycles for the 2 days.  For those taking a day trip there only, you can do a fish spa session there instead of having to ride all the way into the island.


After we got our bikes we cycles about 10~15 min further into the island through the main seafood restaurants and then further into the island on dirt paths past foresty greens before landing ourselves in front of the main branch of Celestial Resort.


The main resort is a lot bigger with a lagoon for kayaking or snorkelling, a large jetty connecting to the sea, a restaurant by the lagoon, a large holding area for the fish spa and a small pond connecting to the lagoon with stingrays (YES STINGRAYS!!)


We had a 2 bed room at the resort in Room 1015.


Clean, comfy and air-conditioned (thank freaking goodness) which is definitely satisfactory for me.


If anything i did find it a bit creepy at night because the lock on our door did seem a little bit dodgy but all good i suppose if it still did lock and do it’s purpose.


so as per our deal we had the option to do either kayaking or snorkelling and when we got to the front desk the first question i asked was exactly where were we meant to do the snorkelling because there was not one spot of water i felt was clean or safe enough to snorkel in and the immediate reply of the lady at the concierge was “don’t snorkel just kayak.” So there you go ladies and gentlemen do NOT snorkel in pulau ubin just kayak. For one the water didn’t look particularly clean and secondly the lagoon we were meant to be snorkelling in was the one which had MASSIVE fish and MASSIVE stingray.. so no i do not recommend snorkelling.

So the first thing we did was the fish spa.. which was a very bizarre experience to say the least.. not one i ever want to try again. just think something alive wriggling against your bare feet and biting you at the same time.


and i actually physically could not look at them when they swarmed against my feet because i actually did feel like hurling. quite gross and i had to keep my friend talking to me to distract myself from the very strange sensations…

do be extremely careful where you choose to go for fish spa because it can be very unhygienic and dangerous.. imagine the fish were in contact with someone else very disgusting and dirty feet or with an open wound and used that same mouth to come in contact with YOUR feet.. yes it’s quite a disgusting concept. but my feet did feel quite soft and smooth after.

next up was fish feeding by the jetty.. which was quite interesting if you’re an animal lover like me there were a few quite exotic species in the lagoon and the stingrays were definitely a sight.


we then fed ourselves at the restaurant by the lagoon with chicken chop and chips which was ridiculously massive – wasnt too bad just a little too oily for my liking


and enjoyed a cool fruit punch on the house which was extremely refreshing in the heat.


next on the list was kayaking which to be honest is an awesome full body work out – core, arms and sort of your legs


but the sun was way too intense that day so we only ended up doing it for 40 min before surrendering to the heat and heading back to our hotel room and along the way we met this gorgeous little puppy


who was too cute for her own good


So what’s the verdict?  should pulau ubin go on the bucket list? probably not that extreme but it is a great weekend getaway for those stopping by singapore even if just for a day trip. I would come back for a nice bike ride around the area and an awesome seafood lunch at one of the restaurants near the pier (which i forgot to take a photo of.. sorry) but it’s not something you MUST-DO-BEFORE-YOU-DIE!!! but a nice chill out place to get away with some friends and enjoy the serenity and nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 🙂

One Response to “Uber Ubin Weekend”
  1. Juncheng says:

    Have not been to this part of P.Ubin, mountain biking (on the main part of Ubin where most ppl go) has always been the only priority to this island. The puppy real cute and $50 is a really a steal)

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