bangkok bonanza

so when your company decides to FLY you to bangkok for a company retreat you know you’ve landed yourself a pretty sweet job.  😛 what can i say? i’m a beloved child of god 🙂

but yes i am not lying.. our 2011 company retreat – destination BANGKOK.  Because of the floods our trip was delayed to March 2012.. so no this post is not that late.

Most of the trip was company bonding sessions so i didnt really have much of a chance to do sightseeing so unfortunately not many photos of the sights of bkk. all i’ve got are my daily outfits for each day which weren’t great considering i only brought a small hand carry luggage..

our accommodation for the trip was at Sukhothai Hotel which is a 5 star hotel and apparently the 2nd best hotel in Bangkok.

Sukhothai is probably one of the best and finest hotels i have ever stayed in.

Excellent service from the staff,

awesomely comfy beds (queen size all to myself A-W-E-S-O-M-E)

premium coffee machine


incredibly lavish bathrooms with a bathtub AND shower which had a rainfall shower ie the water falls from the top of the ceiling as opposed to a shower head.

vintage hollywood style mirror which i’ve ALWAYS wanted in my dream room


all sorts of electronic adaptors for the electronically dependent businessmen


they even had a freaking pillow menu..

which i completely forgot to use and pick and choose a pillow from but to be honest the pillow they gave us were already extremely comfy


and i forgot to take a photo of this but even the phone was registered with my name. Was incredibly spellbound by that for some strange reason.addic

So how would i rate the hotel. Honestly it would probably be close to perfect for me, 8.5/10 only downside was the location was in the business district so there wasn’t really much within walking distance, no night markets, shopping malls..etc.. and i personally LOVE night markets because it’s so overflowing with colour, smells, sights a complete assault on all your senses and just so distinctively thai.

however, of course with the awesome hotel service, they would call cabs in for us and negotiate for us..etc.. so transport really wasnt an issue but if you have been to Bangkok you would know how terrible the traffic is so to get from one place to another could take 2 hours during peak hour although it’s less than 1 km away.

Would I go back to the hotel?  Probably not: there was just something about the hotel that didn’t sit well with me despite the luxury and really great service.  The rooms were very dimly lit and no matter what you did nothing would lighting up including putting the lights on or even drawing the curtains.  All the photos you see are VERY edited to make the setting brighter.  The hotel is a bit too isolated for me, i prefer going to a hotel smack bang in the middle of the action surrounded by sights, smells and sounds of the local city.

But it’s definitely a great experience for those luxury addicted (and rich) city slickers.

So anyway one definitely awesome spot to hit in Bangkok would be Pratunam, it’s the shopping district of the city with wholesale centres like Platinum Mall (definitely highly recommended), Pratunam Market.. etc.. There’s a really good Toni and Guy salon at Siam Paragon, a high class luxury shopping centre around the area, at reasonable rates of AUD$ 30 for a junior stylist for a haircut.   Definitely highly recommend it.

so anyway.. time for my outfits for the trip (or lack of actually)

airport fashion: comfy and not easily ruffled
cotton on long black tee AUD$5 | cotton on black leggings AUD$10 | sportsgirl denim vest AUD$20

company dinner and drinks: a bit more toned down for an office outing setting but still smart enough.
cotton on black skater dress AUD$10 | misshop grey cardi AUD$30 | red belt from bugis S$4 | chunky jewellery necklace S$5 from Platinum Mall

2nd morning in Bangkok: for a day filled with a lot of staff bonding sessions which involved running around and cooking in the Bangkok heat i had to wear shorts and a casual tee. And geek glasses for my incredibly sore and swollen eyes from having my contacts in for over 24 hours the day before which my eyes did not appreciate very much.  you can tell from my expression i was not enjoying my morning. 😛
grey dotti shirt AUD$10 | tweed highwaist shorts from platinum for S$10~$15 | geek glasses from bugis S$5


so anyway to end on a sweeter note: one of my fav (and fattiest) thai food MMMMMMM…. MANGO and sticky rice 🙂




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